Batman’s 15 Most Shocking Deaths

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Everyone has to die, no one is special before the net of death. There is life and death, that is the law of the universe since we realize who we are. But with the world of comics, movies as well as games… death is not the end because death often leads people to a whole new shore where they realize they are only halfway there. Just like Solid Snake said in the Metal Gear Solid series.. “Only when I deceived death on the battlefield did I feel that I was truly alive..” And that seems to be the story of him. Batmanwhen he didn’t know how many times he had to lie down in the battle with evil.


Batman’s Funeral

Instead of creating a thrilling story leading to the end of Batman, author Neil Gaiman takes readers to the funeral of this superhero. There his body lay peacefully in the coffin with one side of his fighting friends and the other side of the enemies he had faced throughout the years except for the era of tyranny. The collection is called “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” shows us how each person pays tribute to the Dark Knight, even though for many it can be painful, regretful, or resentful. Most of them talk about how Batman is dead but in general they still have to affirm one thing that Batman always devotes himself to the end goal, even if he has to sacrifice his life for it.


The Court of Owls

In Batman’s most haunting storyline, he witnesses his body and mind being brutally tortured by an ancient organization called The Court of Owls. After leaving him uncertain about even his own blood, The Court of Owls exiled Batman into a maze where he first felt fear. Not only that, they also sent assassins Talon – real killing machines to hunt down the Dark Knight. After being stabbed, beaten, tortured mercilessly, Batman in a brief second accepted his fate..


However, Batman would not be Batman if he did not possess a crazy iron will, and right after letting go, he suddenly woke up and fought back like he had nothing to lose. Defeating Talon, he used homemade explosives to open his way out of the maze. But it seemed that the Dark Knight’s body couldn’t take it anymore, causing his heart to contract and stop beating before he could lie down in the arms of his friends.


For die-hard Batman fans, Flashpoint is one of the saddest names for the Dark Knight. There, when Flash returned to the past to change his mother’s fate, he inadvertently affected the flow of time, causing the status of superheroes to be completely reversed. One of them is Batman with perhaps the most painful and dark story they have ever known. There instead of the couple Thomas and Martha Wayne had to die under the gun of Joe Chill, the boy Bruce Wayne was the one who died. The death of the child deepened the pain in the hearts of the two … causing the father to wear a Batman shirt and ready to raise a gun to kill anyone who committed a crime, while the mother because of the pain, discovered it. crazy, become the infamous Joker.


Batman Retired

At Earth-2, Batman, after taking on the role of a Police Commissioner and the superhero Gotham, has begun to enjoy a peaceful retirement.. However, the past has not let go of him for a moment. There, a criminal named Bill Jensen – who was captured by Batman when he was a police officer, has just been released from prison. However, Bill harbors a mad hatred for Bruce Wayne because he thinks it is he who has put him in a trap so that he can be promoted to the police force. By accident or by pre-arranged power, Bill was empowered by a sorcerer named Frederic Vaux and began planning his revenge. Bill’s first target is the Justice Society of America, which gathers friends who once aided Bruce Wayne under the guise of a police officer. With unlimited magical power, Bill defeats almost the entire Justice Society and calls Batman to the light to confront him – which is only in the name of being the last member of the Justice Society, not knowing the cause. his true form. Upon arrival, Batman witnesses Flash’s lifeless body being thrown from the top of Gotham’s Tower, becoming Bill Jensen’s challenge to the Dark Knight. The two sides bring all their strength to each other with the sole goal of revenge. However, in a moment Batman was suddenly knocked off the mask, revealing himself to Bill Jensen as Bruce Wayne for a long time. In an uncontrollable rage, Bill used all his strength to create a frenzied explosion on top of the tower that blew him and Batman’s body away in front of his daughter Helena..


Superman: Redson asked a very interesting question for fans.. What if the Superman ship crashed into the Kremlin of Russia instead of Kansas of the US? The main result is a world completely turned upside down where Batman becomes the symbol of rebellion and resistance to rule. In 1950, the Soviet Union announced its newest asset, Superman, sparking an arms race of transcendent individuals instead of nuclear weapons. After many shocking events in the state apparatus, Superman became the head and powerful communication tool of Russia.


Meanwhile our Batman grew up from an orphan boy whose parents were killed at the hands of the KGB, carrying a feud with an authoritarian regime at the hands of Superman. Combined with American agent Lex Luthor, Batman decides to raise his ambition to destroy Superman once and for all. Using Superman’s lover is Wonder Woman As a decoy in tandem with recreating the red sunlight on Kryton, Batman instantly cornered his foes. However, Wonder Woman’s frantic will helped her break the Lasso of Truth rope that was binding her and fly to help Superman before the Dark Knight took action. With the red sunlamp destroyed, Superman regains his powers and immediately threatens to brainwash Batman into working for his regime. But everything was in order when Batman activated the detonator for the bomb in his chest, determined to kill himself rather than become a lifeless corpse at the hands of the enemy.



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