Shocked with Dragon Ball FighterZ gamers summoning the Divine Dragon in the Pro tournament

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Dragon Ball FighterZ being title Game 7 Dragon Ball The most popular today thanks to the extremely cool combat scenes and the style that follows the Manga series. Sticking to the original is also shown directly in the gameplay when gamers can even summon the Dragon God in the middle of the match.


Ability Summon Dragon God Shenron will give gamers a variety of advantages such as instant healing that brings team members back from the dead. However, to be able to summon the Dragon God, gamers will have to meet certain conditions.. such as collecting enough 7 Dragon Balls (combo 10-19 Hit 1 pill, 20-29 Hit 2 pill..vv) or push the Super bar to the maximum.


It is because of those conditions that summoning the Divine Dragon in real combat is extremely difficult, not to mention the ability to use it in Pro-rank tournaments. But Gochi Kishidafamous gamer with nickname Go1did it right in front of his fierce rival Chris “NYChrisG” Gonzalez.


This summoning of the Dragon God took place right in the quarter-final match of Stunfest 2018 when both sides only had one fighter left in the squad. Even though Go1’s side has accumulated “7 Success Powers” (one of the conditions for summoning Shenron) but Cell His is almost out of blood.

But by cornering the opponent and accumulating Combo throughout the length of the match, Go1 has qualified to turn the tide. He immediately sent Cell into the enemy Trunks and performed the final combo to summon Shenron directly onto the battlefield. Standing in front of the Dragon God, his wish is to bring back all of Cell’s life force. With a like-new condition, Cell unleashed the ultimate move to finish Trunks and bring the final victory to Go1.

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