Shocked… Hacker revealed that Top Rank all have Hacks thanks to undetectable dirty tools

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Hackers is a noun that is too popular for our gaming community. It represents a segment of the most despicable people in the virtual realm, who use dirty tools to gain their own advantage and slowly kill the playing field of true gamers.

However, in reality, most of the dirty players we meet in the game are not Hackers. They are simply customers who buy Tool from tool vendors and developers. Cheater is the correct noun to impose on this corrupt department and the people who directly make those Hack software are really Hackers.

These hackers often operate in lines and by organized groups, using a variety of distribution tactics to smuggle dirty tools into the player community. However, in Korea or China in the last year, there have been countless arrests and dismantling of these lines with the amount of money seized up to billions of VND. But ironically, it is also because of their nature that these Hackers understand better than anyone about the corruption on the famous Game rankings in the world.


Take for example Rainbow Six Siege – Ubisoft’s group strategy FPS game with a huge number of players around the world, is also facing accusations of Hacker. Accordingly in the interview with BBCthe anonymous hacker named Lucas said:


Although it can’t be verified, this hacker confirmed to the BBC that his tool has not been detected… revealing a much darker behind-the-scenes curtain going on inside the world’s massive FPS title . To be fair, the biggest games in the world right now like CSGO nice PUBG It’s also not 100% anti-Hack/Cheat, but the ultimate use of Tool Hack in the tournament is really hard to imagine.

CSGO and PUBG themselves have both previously caught a lot of professional gamers using Hack/Cheat in the arena, showing how sophisticated their detection capabilities are. The question here is whether Rainbow Six Siege – a name that is also moving forward Esportscan you do that or not?


In the BBC video interview, a computer with a Hack tool installed can reduce the recoil of the gun when fired, see through walls… even increase the damage done to the enemy. Except through walls when some of this tool’s abilities can be masked very easily, making it difficult for the opponent to know if they were killed by Cheater.

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