Shocked by the death of the “father” of Marvel and DC superheroes

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On July 6, the world of comics was shaken by the sad news of the death of Steve Ditko – “father” of legendary characters such as: Spider-ManDoctor Strange, Blue Beetle, Hawk and Dove. The departure of Steve Ditko confirmed by the New York City Police Department, he was found in his private apartment on June 29, according to an investigation that found him dead two days earlier.


Used to be the co-creator of the character Spider-Man popular with Stan Lee 1961. Different from the social, like to appear in the media of the “boss” Marvel. Steve Ditko is a person who is inclined to live a quiet and reclusive life to focus on his creative work. By 1963, he continued to “shape” an equally beloved superhero – Dr. Strange. However, in the future, it may be due to different lifestyles and ideas, Steve Ditko at odds with Stan Lee and leave Marvel Comics. He is also the creator of other characters in the universe DC like: Blue Beetle, Creeper, Hawk, Dove…



Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

The sudden departure of Steve Ditko caused a strong shock to the fan community who always loved the superhero comic series. “Father” Spiderman He lived to the fullest for his comic career and didn’t care about getting married, so he didn’t have children by his side in his late teens. However, his invaluable contributions to popular culture will forever be etched in the hearts of generations to come. Steve Ditko is an important figure to both Marvel and DC Comicsso after learning of this sad news, both publishers issued press releases to mourn his passing.

Statement from the President of Marvel Ent. – Dan Buckley:

“Today, the Marvel family mourns the loss of Steve Ditko. Steve changed the industry and the Marvel universe, and his legacy will never be forgotten. Our condolences to his family, loved ones and fans during this time.”


Marvel Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski shared:

“The impact that Steve Ditko has had, not only on the comics side, but on modern pop culture as well. With ink and imagination, he brings it to life,” he said. Fun for everyone with amazing and inspiring adventures Ditko didn’t just create characters, he built worlds, but now our world is grieving his passing. Still, Steve won’t stop inspiring us all.”


“Steve Ditko Comics Was Never Like Anyone Else”publishing company DC Ent. – Dan DiDio said. “In addition to his seemingly simple art style – which is unique to Steve Ditko – he is also a master at sketching and filling his stories with a wonderful energy. .”


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