Identity V – NetEase’s horror mobile game officially released internationally

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When Dead by Daylight Officially released in 2016, the game has created a unique gameplay formula in the village horror game ever. Instead of forcing gamers to live alone against barbaric murderers or die in the midst of bloodthirsty foreign objects, Dead by Daylight borrows elements of the Online Game genre. Here most players will have to play the role of weak-armed characters with nothing more than bare hands while a single person will control the villain, which is a bloodthirsty creature with insane power. .


Immediately, Dead by Daylight’s gameplay style creates tense situations like strings, pushing fear to a whole new level. The image of facing inanimate foreign objects is now completely replaced by real-life brains with devilish intrigue… truly makes the fugitive’s mind explode.


And now those “crazy” experiences have officially come to Mobile, or more precisely, docked in the international Mobile market.. when the game title Identity DRAW belong to NetEase Just officially released. Welcome to home country China for a while and create great success, Identity V is now available for world gamers to download and enjoy for free from today.


As Dead by Daylight nice Friday the 13th: The GameIdentity DRAW revolves around the 1v4 format. There 4 gamers will play the role of the last survivors with the sole goal of escaping from the deadly force that is chasing behind. To do that, they will have to work together to decipher the mysterious machines in the game, thereby unlocking the gate to escape. However, it is worth mentioning that out of 5 people who set foot in the game screen, 1 of them will be chosen as Hunter .. a killer with countless monstrous powers. Hunter’s goal is to kill all 4 remaining players and prevent them from escaping his blade.


If you want to feel that unique fear of Identity DRAW, what are you waiting for without downloading this horror game on Mobile right here. It is now freely available to download on iOS while the Android version will be available shortly. When there is a link to download the Android version, Emergenceingame.Com will update readers as soon as possible.

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