Avengers 4 Leaked Captain America’s New Armor

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Avengers Infinity War officially closed the curtain and left fans with emotional images. With the sacrifice of so many images Super hero, the Earth is really in danger and requires the lucky survivors to brace themselves for a new war. And of course to be able to confront Thanos and the Titan’s mighty army, the Iron Man nice Captain America must have for themselves the most advanced weapons. And Steve Rogers was the first to respond to that call.


Leaked via Twitter, the first images of Captain America in Avengers 4 has appeared. In this series of images, fans can easily see that Steve Rogers is no longer wearing a simple style armor like in previous films. Instead, it creates a much more solid and solid feel, which makes it quite reasonable that he will face a completely different force in Avengers 4.

In fact, in general, Captain America’s armor still has the same traditional style as in the first part. But going into the details, we can see that this armor has the same scale as in the comic version, giving it a much more realistic and powerful feel. There is also an interesting point that is the Avengers logo on his shoulder, showing that Cap has officially returned to the superhero team and with Iron Man against the new force.


Although this image is only low resolution, it does give fans a lot of interesting information about Avengers 4 as well as Captain America himself. Regarding the film’s theories, readers can refer to the following articles:

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