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Final Fantasy’s legendary chocobo makes a surprise appearance in Assassin’s Creed Origins


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  1. Chocobo – The chicken brand of the Final Fantasy series suddenly appeared in Assassin’s Creed Origins with a strange shape never seen before.

    A few weeks ago, the developers of Assassin’s Creed Origins revealed a screenshot with a picture of yellow feathers. After much speculation about the origin of the picture, now gamers of this game have had the opportunity to own a few items originating from Final Fantasy in the world of ancient Egypt. Prominent among them, is a Chocobo that can be said to be the weirdest ever.


    In fact, the “crossover” events between the Assassin’s Creed series of Ubisoft and Final Fantasy’s Square Enix has been announced since August this year. The first flare of this event was a carefully prepared, meticulous and highly interactive festival called Assassin’s Festival in Final Fantasy XV. This Square Enix event will end on January 31 of next year. In the opposite direction, Ubisoft, after several months of preparation, has included Assassin’s Creed Origins elements that are FFXV with a very short and simple task.


    To own these items in Ubisoft’s ancient Egypt world, players just need to open the map and look for a blue sign, marking the quest for level 23 called “A Gift From The Gods” ( Gift from the Gods).


    This is a short quest, no combat, and only one puzzle to solve. Upon completion, you will be able to “witness” a pretty epic cutscene about the appearance of Ardyn Izunia – the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XV. He seems to have been dragged to the world of Origins, but before he could do anything, he was “chased” back by Bahamut.


    Your reward after completing the quest is a sword, a shield, and a chariot shaped like a Chocobo. Saying “similar”, because it is probably difficult for Final Fantasy fans to accept that their lovely chicken is now “bred” with a camel. The product of this process is a creature with a Chocobo head and tail but four legs and a hunchback. “This is not a Chocobo”_Many FF fans said so.


    In general, the fact that Chocobo is edited in such a “creative” way is perhaps a bit confusing, but the crossover between two famous game series is probably not strange to gamers anymore. Besides, these two super products of the two giants Ubisoft and Square Enix also have a lot in common. Final Fantasy is a popular game series with the main characters having problems with their fathers (Squall, Tidus …), while the main character of Assassin’s Creed Origins is a father with a problem!
    Anyway, the writer is still very confused about whether to use the Chocobo camel that was given to him or not, because it looks weirder than necessary anyway.


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