Dota 2: Evil Geniuses win Dota Summit 9

Dota 2 Evil Geniuses vô địch Dota Summit 9 - Emergenceingame

The Dota 2 The Summit 9 event gave us a bit of a buzz ahead of TI8, with the final round just coming to an end on July 30. Evil Geniuses are the champions. Beyond the Summit house saw 6 teams compete in the past 5 days. This period is seen as an opportunity for teams to practice ahead of TI and test new strategies.

After Fnatic beat VGJ.Storm in the loser bracket, it seemed like the boys of EE-sama were ready for revenge – but after losing game 1, especially since they were so much in the lead, Fnatic slowly disbanded. . Game 2 was too easy for EG and Fnatic couldn’t find themselves. The third, and final game of the series, saw the two sides fight back and forth – but Fnatic couldn’t keep up with the competition, surrendering to EG.

This is EG’s 3rd win at The Summit and EG looks ready for TI, losing only 3 games in total during the Summit event. Each team receives $1,000 for each group stage win and the remaining $70,000 is divided among the teams depending on playoff rankings. The final rankings of the teams are as follows:

Firstclass: Evil Geniuses
Second: Fnatic
Third place: VGJ.Storm
Fourth: Let’s Do It
Rank 5/6: paiN Gaming/OpTic Gaming

As we’ve seen recently, Crystal Maiden is starting to stand out and is the hero with the most total ban/pick ratio in the league. Pudge and Necrophos are two overwhelming picks for teams, both with over 50% win rates. Heroes that were not picked include Naga Siren, Earth Spirit, Night Stalker and Bounty Hunter – these heroes were heavily competitive before the event.

With just 3 weeks before The International 2018 kicks off, let’s see how the meta will affect when patch 7.19 is released right after The Beyond Summit.

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