Newbee continues to have financial difficulties, entangled with gangsters

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The Chinese media has continuously reported on the Newbee organization that is gradually collapsing in the past few days.

Newbee’s Dota 2 team from TI 2014 champion to TI 2017 runner-up and now not being able to qualify for any event is a well-known story. Behind the scenes, Newbee is facing a difficult situation and is gradually being exposed by the owners of other Chinese clubs.

This is no longer a drama between players, or gratuitous accusations. This is what institutional shareholders and investors are asking for the money the organization is missing.

A few days ago, Chen Qing, one of the investors at Vici Gaming revealed on Weibo that Newbee owner Mr. Yue Wang no longer responds to his messages on WeChat.

Chen Wing's WeChat message to Mr. Yue Wang accused him of avoiding her.
“Don’t go missing. @Yue Wang. Reply to my WeChat messages now.”

Just this news is not too disturbing, but Chen Qing is a very active person, willing to participate and is a respected person in the community. Therefore, when his article on Weibo was noticed and considered as real. Immediately after he talked about Newbee owner avoiding him, Invictus Gaming owner Sicong Wang replied that Yue Wang owes a lot of money, including nefarious elements, related to social gangs Chinese gang.

Sicong Wang with many Weibo posts accusing Yue Wang of being in debt a lot of money, including from the gangsters
“Even if he promises you to pay the currency tomorrow, he still won’t. He has no money now and the creditors are looking for him, believe me, they have that power

After that, Sicong Wang gave advice to VG fans who knew what they should do to get their money back.

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“You can go to the police and tell him he’s a drug lord, and then he’ll give you your money back. Because he needed to protect his image. But if the police start investigating him, then he can’t make any more money, and he won’t be able to pay the creditors.”

Sicong Wang was clearly meant to be sarcastic and he alluded to a similar situation that happened late last year. Sadly, before Yue Wang got into financial trouble, the owner of Newbee was considered the best Esports boss in China. Just a few days ago, when all the new allegations were revealed, many believed that Yue Wang was the son of the richest man in Anhui province. But iG’s Sincong Wang now says Yue Wang is just the son of a small business owner who is currently in prison.

"He's just the son of a small business.  His father is currently in prison"
“He was just the son of a small business. His father is currently in prison.”

Yue Wang completely disappeared from the community a long time ago. At the end of 2017, he disappeared for a while, while his former employees sued him directly to get back unpaid six months’ wages. Those employees are from LanYou, Newbee’s parent company. Some people were brave and spoke up on Weibo at that time and demanded money, explaining what was happening in Newbee. Posts from 2017 that have been deleted are now, but they were re-photographed before.

The employees spoke up on Weibo demanding payment of the amount owed for more than 6 months

“When will we get paid?
I am an employee of LanYou company. October 23, 2017 was a normal Monday at the office. In the middle of the day, when the electricity was cut off, the owner of the office said that we had to work from home. The owner of the company has owed 5 months of salary – since May 1. We have not been paid a dime, and the company has been operating normally until now, when the electricity is cut off and people are told to go home.”

Yue Wang, owner of LanYou and Newbee, responded on Weibo asking for posts related to this issue to be deleted and promised to pay staff salaries.

There was a tense conversation between the employee and You Wang when he asked the staff to remove the post.

Staff: I just want my salary

Yue Wang: Can I explain over the phone? That’s the way to solve the problem. I will pay everyone.

Staff: Can you explain it now?

Yue Wang: I will pay everyone at the end of the month. Please delete this post immediately. I can say that I am repaying the company with its money. The company’s management has taken the money and I don’t know about it, but you are affecting me personally as well as my company.

Staff: If it’s not your fault, after we get paid, people will gladly explain and help keep your name clean in the community.

Yue Wang: I don’t know if anyone is behind or something, and you won’t listen no matter how much I try to explain. I said, everyone’s salary will be paid by December 31st. But please delete this post. You can post if you want when I don’t get paid at the time.

Yue Wang then broke his promise and did not appear at the meeting with the staff, they sued him and reached an agreement to pay 60% of the original salary without asking for any additional benefits.

Six months later, Wang is still missing in the community and now other owners are asking him to speak up when he can get his money back. VG shareholders did not mention how much Yue Wang borrowed, but it can be said that this amount is not small. Sources from China say Yue Wang lost 230 million yuan (nearly 77 billion) when betting on football and he borrowed from many people directly in Esports in China.

Chen Qing later deleted the first post and said:

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“Everything is fine,” he replied to me. I helped him when he was in trouble even though many people said that this act was too naive. Hopefully, this will end the story.”

It may be a coincidence, but as of The Internatioanl 2017, Newbee’s Dota 2 team isn’t what it used to be. What the players had to deal with behind the scenes was unknown. Today we see a Newbee that is no longer the Newbee of TI7.

The 2018-2019 season has begun with many concerns. Chinese Dota 2 has reached a point where they lack talent in the game, resulting in higher transfer costs and costs than before. What just happened between VG and BurNing, when both wanted their two players to argue between PSG.LGD and RNG about Du “Monet” Peng, showing neither professionalism nor respect for business. Hopefully, we won’t have to hear many more ‘boils’ here, which was once considered the strongest Dota 2 region in the world. Chinese teams have won TI three times: Invictus Gaming 2012, Newbee 2014, and Wings Gaming 2016. In The International’s 8 years of history, Chinese teams have been in the finals seven times, with the exception of TI3 when Na`Vi meet Alliance in the final round.

TI9 will take place in China is good news for the region, but if the Chinese organizations cannot unite and act more professionally, this could be a disaster about to hit them.

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