Scary conspiracy theory about a website selling furniture in the US

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Note: These are unverified information. All information in this article is for reporting purposes only and is not a confirmation of information.

An American e-commerce company that specializes in selling furniture and home goods has been caught up in a huge controversy on the Reddit forum and social network Twitter. Many users have recognized the coincidence of the product description with the information of the missing girls. This has raised controversy as to whether or not women and children are trafficked through insignificant furniture, but at extremely exorbitant prices.

Specifically, a user on the Reddit forum shared pictures of cabinets priced from 12,000 to 15,000 USD (about 300 to 350 million VND) on this website. Worth mentioning, if these cabinets have a unique design or are made from expensive woods, such a price is normal. But no, these cabinets look too ordinary, even somewhat crude and outdated, so the price is quite unreasonable.

Things went even further when netizens discovered that these cabinets have a very strange name. They are named after people and when looking up these names online, the results match the names of the missing girls.

A cabinet named Samiyah.

Another cabinet is called Yaritza.

A cabinet named Kylah.

In addition, netizens also discovered in 2016 that a person had purchased and left a review of the product at the Walnut Creek, California, suburb of San Francisco. And in February of this year, police busted a sale and photographed child pornography at the same location. This case is believed to be related to a transnational child trafficking ring.

A child trafficking case occurred at a location where shoppers left product reviews.

After the above allegations, this company immediately deleted hundreds of products with such unreasonable prices, making netizens guess old and young. However, the company representative also issued a denial statement as follows:

To date, there has been no official investigation into this incident. Maybe it’s all just a coincidence and was woven by “virtual” investigators on social networks. There are also quite a few furniture sites that name products after people, but the difference between price and product quality has caused the company’s products to be entangled in controversy.​

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