S Online is officially launched! Farm instead of monster farm and get Giftcode today

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S Online is the first Nordic mythical 3D role-playing game and possibly the only one in 2018. Surely gamers like blood-dry PK, want to try their hand at the fiercest mortal arenas or simply… If you like “beauty”, you should definitely not ignore this role-playing masterpiece.
Link to download now: http://sonline.vn/rd/prtaigame2


Joining the world of S Online, it will not be the leisurely days walking along the D-Water land or the peaceful moments enjoying the fresh air throughout from the village of Tire to the majestic Ochs. Instead, there will be fierce Holy Wars between the two Alliances of Wrath – Light, each player will be a warrior, fighting to protect the faith and ultimate glory. In other words, S Online will be a large battlefield, where enemies can appear anywhere and you can die anytime.


Those clear glory – humiliation battles will be conveyed to players through high-end 3D graphics and a majestic Nordic landscape. For that reason, the system of characters, mounts, weapons, equipment… of S Online is also specially designed, giving a feeling of solidity, magnanimity full of enthusiasm, ready to live, fight and fight. birth that a warrior should have.


Currently, warriors from both alliances are constantly increasing their combat strength, training themselves to be ready for fiery encounters on the battlefield. What are you waiting for, download the game and fight now!

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