The Caligula Effect: Overdose – JPRG is terrible for a time, and it will come back to life

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From the game series Final Fantasy by Square Enix until Tales by Bandai Namco, a series of big names in the village JRPG game on the way to the world PC games. Sadly, some of the best JRPG titles in the genre continue to stay out of trend, like Persona of Atlus is an example. With favorite gamers Personaat least they are comforted by a similar game that is planned to be released, that is The Caligula Effect: Overdose.


The Caligula Effect: Overdose belongs to the genre of turn-based fighting, doing the task of picking up items. The context is set in the “idyllic world” Mobius, which is actually a virtual world built by vocaloid Mu. Vocaloid (virtual idol, like Miku) Mu is the center of this world. According to the description, Mobius is a place where people “reminisce about happy high school days”, with the characters being schoolboys and a world that looks like a school. But that world is not real, the task of the gamer is to join the Go-Home Club friends to find the truth and escape from Mobius.


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The Caligula Effect: Overdose There are two points that players cannot help but remember Persona. First, it’s the psychological aspect of it. As publisher NIS America explains, every resident of Mobius suffers some kind of psychological trauma that makes them want to run away, the platform touches on everything else like skills and equipment. . The home page of the original version describes the character’s equipment as “the crystallization of regrets”, which is true to the familiar tragic style of the game. role-playing game Japan.

Second, how to play Overdose is revolving around the process of making friends with other characters, thereby expanding the power of the whole guild. There are more than 500 characters in the world of Mobius, anyone can be “recruited” by making friends and helping them solve problems in life. So in addition to the benefit of increasing numbers, new members can also help characters unlock skills. The interesting thing is that a lot of students won’t openly talk until the character reaches a certain milestone, such as getting to know their friend first. Fortunately, the game has a table that records the relationships “Causality Link”, making it easy for gamers to find the next friends.


In addition to the similarity with Persona, Overdose full of other JRPG elements. Typically turn-based and real-time combat settings. However, the most interesting point lies in the “Imaginary Chain” element in combat. Accordingly, if the characters in the team achieve a certain level of happiness after taking turns performing combos, all can launch skills at the same time. In addition, the PC version is also upgraded in terms of visuals and gameplay, plus a female protagonist and new levels such as “The Way of the Forbidden Musician”

Overdose It is expected to be released in early 2019.​

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