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ROS mobile released a very funny clip to receive a new update this morning, May 9

As usual before update, ROS mobile continues to release clips as soon as the update is funny

When “banh beo” drops bombs

For now, let’s go through the new content, optimize the system and fix the errors of ROS mobile after maintenance and update from 5am to 8am today. Maintenance may take longer than expected.

first. New content:

  • On some interfaces, it is possible to use Avatar to choose and display the Avatar frame
  • Personal page allows displaying Avatar frame and chat frame

2. Basic experience:

  • Matching optimization, warriors with the same or close ranks will be easier to match, but the grafting time will be longer.
  • Added first-person Sensitivity adjustment in “Settings”.
  • Allows you to manually select the switch between first-person and third-person perspectives.
  • Rely on your seat to confirm your position after getting off the bus. If you sit on the right side, when you get off the bus will appear on the right side of the car.
  • Added sound effect when approaching the wall.
  • Optimized vehicle image display.
  • Optimize data transmission.

3. Display:

  • Add “selected” status in the Schedule view.
  • Avatar in the Schedule interface and Team interface, priority to display the Avatar of your choice.
  • Wild Rift trophies added to Season S2 page.
  • Added panorama mode for Costume and Shop interfaces.
  • Optimized Fashion Piece icon.
  • Display the Avatar of your choice in the Friends interface.

4. Error correction:

  • Fixed an issue where the panorama view could not be shared in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the angle of view was pointing up to the sky when continuously aiming and switching guns.
  • Fixed the issue of creating a new Dynamic Task on the 2nd day, but the interface did not update immediately.
  • Fixed effects of some weapon skins.

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