Rockie: New Pet in Free Fire OB24

The latest and also biggest update in 2020’s Free Fire Name OB24 will officially appear on global servers on September 22, the full month of the 3rd anniversary of this survival shooting game.

Known in this update, Free Fire There will be 2 new game parts, 2 new weapons, overhaul of the Bermuda military map and especially a new pet, named Rockie With many extremely useful capabilities that we will learn together in the following article.

Design Rockie

Contrary to previous rumors that the new pet is available OB24 will be related to Halloween and possibly a pumpkin. But the host has confirmed pet’s Free Fire OB24 A punk rock-style two-legged upright raccoon with a leather jacket and a blue mohawk.

Design Rockie

Besides, you can buy skins with different tones and donate them Rockie a guitar. At the same time combined with his character to dress so that “cardboard”.

Skills and how to use Rockie

Rockie skills

The skill that this panda possesses is called Stay Chill (Exhaust) works to reduce a character’s active cooldown of level 3 by 15%.

The player can equip 4 Rockie’s skills at the same time, that will bring great effect. For example, DJ Alok’s cooldown has been reduced from 45 seconds to 38 seconds while the A124’s heal time has been reduced from 60 seconds to 51 seconds. However, it will have no effect on passive abilities with cooldown like Jota’s Sustained Raids.

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