League of Legends – Seraphine’s skill details, Singer Dream will become the king of support

Seraphine will be officially released in the upcoming 10.22 League of Legends update

The next general’s League of Legends has been revealed and players will be able to experience it soon Seraphine on the server after a few more updates, namely an update League of Legends 10.22 coming. With Seraphine, The Dream Girl SingerMusic is the call of the soul. Let’s Funny game Find out about her mix of music and magic skills!

Seraphine is expected a lot from gamers and fans!
Seraphine is expected a lot from gamers and fans!

Meeting day Seraphine on the official server

After months of speculation, players will finally be able to soon test the new champion to see if her musical talent can change the tone of the game.

Seraphine currently launched on Beta server (PBE) October 13, and then will be officially available on live servers, October 29.

Idol Seraphine
Idol Seraphine

Biography of the Singer Dream

Born in the city Piltover despite having human parents Zaun, Seraphine possessing the innate ability to listen to the souls of others — the world for her was a song, and she responded to it. While those sounds used to overwhelm her in her teenage years, they are now her inspiration, as she turns chaotic sounds into an ensemble. She performed in the city below, to remind the residents that they were not alone, and that they grew stronger together, and in her eyes the potential within them was endless.

Seraphine skill skills, moves

Passive – Queen of the Stage

Every third basic skill Seraphine The executable will have an echo, automatically used again. In addition, when she uses a skill near an ally, she creates a Musical Note. Each Musical Note increases her base attack range and deals bonus magic damage, consuming that Musical Note.

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Passive of Seraphine
Passive of Seraphine

Q – High Note

Seraphine shoots a pure tone of music, dealing magic damage increased with the target’s missing health.

Q - High Note
Q – High Note

W – Surround Sound

Seraphine Wrap yourself and your allies with a song, giving yourself movement speed and shields. If Seraphine With a shield, she will heal nearby allies, healing based on the number of nearby allies.

W - Covering sound
W – Covering sound

E – Tempo Change

Seraphine unleashes a powerful stream of sound waves, dealing magic damage to enemies in a line and slowing them. Enemies that have been slowed are rooted, and enemies that have been rooted will be stunned.

Move E - Change the beat
Move E – Change the beat

R – Melody

Seraphine unleashes a blast of magic power, mesmerizing enemies and dealing magic damage. All winning champions (including allies) will become part of the show, extending the skill’s range and giving allies the maximum number of Musical Notes.

Chieu R - The song spread
Chieu R – The song spread

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