Die laughing with 1001 ways to avoid the “deadline” of game makers

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When going to work, any job, task or project has deadline specifically and this puts many people under a lot of pressure. Game makers are no exception because every time a new product comes out, the deadline is getting more and more intense. That’s why many people have found different ways to cope if they miss a deadline.

What are the ways? Let’s watch the funny video about “1001 .” how to avoid deadlines of the people who make games”

First way: Postponement


This is the most used way and also the reason for high efficiency to help you “pull” more time to complete the deadline. Commonly used sayings such as “I’m almost done, brother”, “I’ll send it to you in a bit!”… Of course, you can’t apply this method repeatedly. with a given deadline.

The second way: Blame health


A more effective way to delay deadlines is for health reasons. In fact, your boss and client will not dare to ask for a deadline if you are sick and cannot complete the work. However, if you “pretend” to be sick and get discovered, it will be a big deal!

Way 3: Blame the mood


Some people find a way to avoid deadlines by telling their bosses and customers that they are not in a good mood so they can’t finish. This method is difficult to accept or only suitable for some specific industries such as the game industry.

Method 4: Blame the computer


For people who make games, the computer (PC / Laptop) is an extremely necessary thing and if for some reason they are broken, it will be a disaster. This is also a pretty reasonable reason for delaying the deadline of game makers.

5th way: Honesty is best


If you miss a deadline and have no reason to blame it, the best way is to be honest with your boss or client and hope they will give you more time to complete. Honesty is also a virtue that we should do right?!

These are some of the ways that game makers often use to avoid deadlines. And how are you going to avoid the deadline? Let Emergenceingame.Com know!

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