RICO London: Freaking out with a super-poisonous game coming soon

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The name Numskull Games Perhaps not too familiar to the gaming community, but this is the manufacturer of more than two dozen games on platforms like Steam, PS and Nintendo Switch. Recently, this game company has just posted a trailer introducing its latest shooting game called RICO London. According to the trailer, gamers can easily see that this new project will be a first person shooter game co-op has a unique graphic style with the main setting in London, England.

RICO London Trailer.

Although the name is not too prominent in the world gaming industry, the company still has many highly-rated games like Crystar – an RPG released on PS4 and PC. It is also one of the games with the highest user scores on Metacritic. And RICO London is expected to continue this success of the house brother, becoming the next favorite game.


The trailer shows that the gameplay of RICO is quite fast-paced, gamers have to quickly defeat the enemy and dodge the bullets flying towards them. In addition, the co-op element that allows gamers to fight in groups also increases the appeal of the game. The unique and new graphics of RICO are also a special feature to distinguish this shooter from countless other first-person shooter games of the gaming village.

RICO London will be released on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 in June 2021.

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