Refusing to contact the outside world, the game developer locked himself in a room for 10 years

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, restricting going out or social distancing is a requirement of many governments and people. Being stuck in a house for months is really horrible for many people because of the unbearable feeling of cramped, crazy legs but in Japan, there is a group of people who are unafraid of it, let alone a few months but a few years. or a few decades is too simple. There is a Japanese term to call these people “Hikikomori”.


Hikikomori refers to people who confine themselves to a room for 6 months or more. They don’t go to school, they don’t work, they don’t interact with anyone but their families, and they refuse to go out into the outside world. In Japan there are about 1 million Hikikomori and game developer whose name is Nito Souji is one of them.

Nito has maintained that lifestyle for the past 10 years. He only left his apartment to get a haircut, take out the trash and do some work that required going out. All food, drinks and equipment are delivered to your home, eliminating the need to go shopping. Nito became a hikikomori partly because of circumstances, partly because of his own choices. He found it too difficult to find a job after graduating from college or pursue a career as a novelist as he had dreamed of. In the end, Nito decided to return to his hometown and live in an apartment of his aunt.


Since then, he has started learning English, starting a Youtube channel and learning how to make games with his first game in development after a successful Kickstarter call. Pull Stay Nito’s life-style simulation game, in which the player is required to protect his hikikomori master by defeating everyone who tries to infiltrate his home for whatever reason.

Speaking to Kyodo News last year, Nito Souji said: “I don’t have any friends in my hometown and felt the need to become financially independent as soon as possible. I was embarrassed to go out, so I decided to become a hikikomori. In the past 10 years, I can do whatever I want, so even if it’s difficult, I still like this life.”


Pull Stay developed by Nito Souji is expected to release on Steam in 2022. If he makes enough money from Pull Stay, Nito will go out to find a new job after Covid-19 is over, if not, this developer will continue to stay in the house for a few more decades, I don’t know.

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