Get Broke Protocol – Online game that mixes GTA 5 blood with Minecraft

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What if we have a completely new game, a product that doesn’t need to borrow or install Mods, a rookie that blends in? Minecraft mixed GTA 5 in the same game? The answer is Broke Protocol (PC) – where you can let loose in a huge city with Minecraft-style graphics but with the true freedom of GTA 5.


Not only that, Broke Protocol now also allows gamers to enjoy the experience of a true Online Game where all players can interact and interact with each other in a giant city. There you can become anyone you want from lawless, medics, civilians to police. literally, turning Broke Protocol into a true miniature society in the virtual world.


However, it is worth mentioning that Broke Protocol has officially given away no copyright to gamers in its limited Event. If you act quickly, you can immediately receive the unique game and own the copyright for it forever.

What you need to do is own an account Steam on PC. If not, you can register and download Steam to your computer by following the link:

Then you can open Steam, navigate to the Store section of the interface and type the keyword “Broke Protocol” to search. From the Insurgency page you click directly on the “Install Game” box to officially own the copyright of this FPS title. You can also get the game by visiting the following link in your browser and follow the steps. Install as above:​


Note: This is a limited time game giveaway event. If you are quick, you can keep the copyright of this game forever, so please immediately follow the steps above. All information about future game giveaway events will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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