[Review] Thien Long Sword – What is a “standard 3” game?

Just like the period when online games flourished on the PC platform a decade ago, the development process of mobile games also has strange similarities. If Vo Lam Truyen Ky only had a simple 2D configuration to match the computer configurations of that day, the mobile game also had the same “terrible” path.

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From “light” 2D products to compatible with fledgling smartphone configurations in 2011-2012, now, mobile games are increasingly heavy, if not too heavy, and create a clear segmentation on the internet. smartphone market. If you don’t believe it, look at PUGB Mobile and it will be clear. PUBG Mobile is beautiful, very beautiful, but heavy… “oh my god…!”. The lamentations reaching to the blue sky of many gamers who own “physically weak” phones.


That’s it, the standard of mobile games now is to be beautiful, and of course to be heavy. However, somewhere “not far away”, there are still beautiful and lightweight games. If you want to “just hand, rub your forehead” these games, it’s simple, that’s Condor Heroes and Heavenly Dragon Sword of the Gamota. If the Hero of Condor is famous with the slogan: “super product without being picky”, then Thien Long Kiem, although not as outstanding, can also continue the tradition of his seniors, creating a MMORPG Beautiful standards, good but extremely light.



If to define beauty, there are thousands of views on this criterion. Each person will have their own aesthetic. But if to look at the whole, about a general that is suitable for the vast majority of players’ eyes, then Thien Long Sword is relatively “standard”. A game built on a 3D platform, allowing gamers to zoom in and out of images combined with bright, flattering color materials, it’s easy to understand why this game is up to the standard.


Not only satisfying about the colors, the context system, the characters in the game are also built in detail and meticulous. From the character’s charisma to the design of gorgeous and graceful costumes to the system of skills and moves, which are shown to be extremely eye-catching, even equally monumental. Is that not enough for Thien Long Sword to become beautiful in the eyes of players?


But Thien Long Sword is not perfect, of course, nothing in the world is perfect. Thien Long Sword lacks the ability to allow players to customize the viewing angle, sometimes putting the character in a dead corner… as well as having only three character classes, the skill system in the game will be less rich and diverse than the products. There are 4-5 career classes in the game.



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Without cutting any element of an MMORPG product, players will have in hand all the “top” features of the MMORPG series. From building characters to creating a large and free PK world combined with making friends to create factions… that’s enough to create an attraction in Thien Long Sword.


Currently, there are only three character classes including Wudang, Nga My and Tieu Dao. A little… less than other MMORPG products, but perhaps enough for players to no longer have to “squeal” in choosing a sect. Each faction has a different skill system. Thien Long Sword is also equipped with features such as automatic or non-automatic to suit and be compatible with all players’ needs.


Overall, Thien Long Sword is not a perfect product, not an excellent game, but a game suitable for the vast majority of players, a product that can satisfy anyone. Any gamer, especially for gamers who want to find a beautiful, good but gentle brand. Thien Long Sword is the best choice.


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