At 19:00 on March 31, watch the final of CF2L season 1 2018

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After nearly 4 weeks of competition, Mercenaries vs Ez Gaming has shown their formidable tactics and techniques through top-notch matches and always stays in shape. Which team will conquer the top? CF2L to take the throne? The answer is only in battle final CF2L season 1 2018 at 7pm on March 31 on Youtube CrossFire Legends TELEVISION. The community of shooters who are passionate about FPS, don’t miss it. And now let’s review the matches semifinal interesting in the past 3 days.

Semifinals 1 (March 26): EZ Gaming vs Color: 2 – 0

Color has competed and given its best, but that seems to be not enough when it meets such a tough and brave opponent as EZ Gaming. Bengi spoke up in the last situation 1vs1 defeated Red to bring a 2-0 victory for EZ Gaming. However, this is not an easy victory for EZ Gaming, especially in the Battle Station map. On the Color side, they still lack a bit of luck and battle experience to be able to continue when Color’s map pool is still a bit limited.


Semifinals 2 (March 27): Blue Stars vs Wiki: 2 – 0

Blue Stars competed extremely well and got themselves consecutive wins, the situation changed only in round 5 when suddenly Blue Stars played sporadically, each in a different area and caught up to 2 network, then clustered in the k3 area and fell into an alkaline position when ChoCho and DiLak in front, Phuong Xinh behind was hooked and shortened the score to 4-2. The final round before switching sides was still a win round for Blue Stars, with Along and k3. Plant a bomb and destroy the Wiki. Phat, Garlic, and Bastosai are all shooting high when Phat and Garlic have 11 lives together, Bastosai 8 lives.


The first round after switching sides is very important to the Wiki because if they lose they can lose the game, and they don’t let that happen. Got myself the Black List faction, Wiki went in pairs and although I lost 2 people in area B because of Garlic’s excellence, I got 2 lives in the A long area and 1 life in the mid area. In a 3 vs 2 match and in a very narrow range, BlueStars could not do anything and was easily defeated by 3 members of Wiki, reducing the score to 7-3. Wiki continued to easily get their 4th round win by catching people, they played up to 3 snipers in this round when they learned that BlueStars were quite far away and only had one sniper, Bastosai in bombsite A. defeated ChoCho and dropped c4 but with a game that was too difficult Bi could do nothing more, thereby shortening the score to 7-4.


The final round took place as a stage for Bastosai as he personally had 4 kills for himself, with Wiki choosing to play in the A long and k3 areas, Bastosai excelled in scoring consecutively. for myself. From the Barrett to the Grenade, Bastosai opened with a shot through the smoke and ended the first map with a solo match with sniper Binh6Mui and won. Help BlueStars win the first map match with a score of 10-7. Up to map 2, there was still no change in the game, Wiki could not get up and BlueStars showed their strength and won quickly.

Semifinals 3 (March 28): EZ Gaming vs Blue Stars: 2 – 1

This is a match for the final ticket between EZ Gaming vs Blue Stars. Considered to be two very strong teams, and any one of the two teams that make it to the finals will have a dramatic match with the Mercenaries. The competitive maps will be Broadcast Station, Desert Storm and Paradise Island.

Map 1: Broadcast Station

Blue Stars showed their ability to dominate with a completely clear bombsite A situation when 2 members of EZ Gaming, Quyen and Bengi, were trying to occupy the A long area, they even caught Vinh in the mid area and Winning the first 2 rounds is too easy. Round 3 was a boost to EZ Gaming’s morale when suddenly BlueStars were playing sporadically, without trade kills and each member seemed to be in a different position. EZ Gaming easily drew 2-1 before returning the game to the starting line after thwarting a rush B plan.


Round 5 was again a very good B for BlueStars and brought the score to 4-2 with a situation of continuing to hit B when they knew that B was the dead center of EZ Gaming at the moment. Add to that the excellence of Garlic with a triple kills while defending bombsite B and having an unofficial ultra kills for himself.


Ez Gaming rose up strongly when they got 2 more wins in a row, turning the game upside down to lead 5-4 before switching sides. After switching sides, this is the stage for EZ Gaming when they have their own Black list, this is the side that is considered to have a slight advantage over Global Risk in this map, they attack very methodically, cover well, the transformation made Blue Stars completely confused, especially in round 12 with Vinh’s shining phase in a very good 1 vs 3 clutch situation when he defeated Garlic and Bastosai before taking Bi’s life. with a pre-fire phase.


The first map ended with a score of 10-4 when Blue Stars couldn’t get any round wins after switching sides, on the other hand, EZ Gaming bounced back strongly and put themselves 1-0 up in the match. match map that the opponent picks.

Map 2: Desert Storm

This is another story that has a similar beginning to the first map even though this is a map picked by EZ Gaming. However, Blue Stars played quite well with the shine of Bi and Bastosai. This is an extremely dangerous duo of Blue Stars, even if Ez Gaming has more people than them, they still can’t stop Bi, specifically 2 vs 4. Bi is playing quite well on this map as we continue. got double kills in bombsite B and gave Blue Stars a 6-1 lead.


EZ Gaming suffered a 10-5 defeat to Blue Stars in their own map pick as well as how BlueStars lost in their own map pick. The match ended with a 1 vs 1 situation between Ton and Plasma, with a closed bomb, Plasma, even though its health was weak, was still forced to sneak up to find Ton through which it was easy to be defeated. Bringing the match to the decisive map is Paradise Island.


Coming to the team map, these are no longer mind battles or situations where teammates cover each other, but depend on individual skills. EZ Gaming proved to be superior. On the Blue Stars side, it just lacked a bit of luck to be able to win with Plasma shooting very well in this map when it got 16 lives before Quyen ended the game by taking Bastosai’s life to bring the battle. won 2-1 for EZ Gaming.

With a spectacular victory, the brave EZ Gaming entered the 2018 CF2L season 1 finals completely and convincingly. Will they continue to hold their own against the “big skill” Mercenaries? Gunners, please watch the life-and-death battle between EZ Gaming vs Mercenaries at 7pm on March 31, commented and broadcast live on the CrossFire Legends TV Youtube channel. Promising a top-notch and most dramatic match of the season awaits e-sports enthusiasts.

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