Internet Cafe Simulator – Practice being a net shop owner in a super unique Mobile Game

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Looking after the net is a job that is too familiar to young people, especially students who want to earn a little extra pocket money during the summer holidays. Although the illegal salary is not much for oranges, it brings interesting experiences and has a little extra money which is always attractive to young people. However, have you ever imagined a game that simulates such a career in net management in the virtual world? If you have been, this is your chance to build your own “thing”.


Yes we are talking Internet Cafe Simulator – The simulation game is popular on PC all the time. Used to be Dung CT broadcast on Livestream, this game immediately gained the attention of the gaming community. However, today Emergenceingame.Com will not delve into the PC version of Internet Cafe Simulator, but instead introduce readers to a fellow believer on Mobile.

Exactly, you didn’t get it wrong. The hit PC game has now officially landed on Mobile, ready for gamers to download for free right now.


Internet Cafe Simulator let gamers play the role of a net shop owner, concurrently managing and taking care of their property. At the beginning of the job, you just lived in a cramped rented apartment, making food every day through the grass net shop you built. The machine is weak, the customers are few… you will gradually have to improve your restaurant to attract more gamers, thereby expanding into a terrorist Cyber ​​Game.


Fully interactive from a first-person perspective, Internet Cafe Simulator offers a fairly realistic experience (without taking into account the visuals, of course) by simulating many aspects of net management. From arranging tables and chairs so reasonably, arranging rooms so luxuriously, installing air conditioners so that guests are satisfied or upgrading PCs to reduce lag in the game… all will be done by your hand. . Completing all that work and you will witness guests coming to the wedding regardless of age or gender.

Thunderstorms have been long so now you must be enjoying it Internet Cafe Simulator Mobile how. Therefore, what are you waiting for without downloading this game right here (Android):

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