Review the super product Far Cry 5 before its release date

There are very few popular series that always maintain the quality through the titles, but Far Cry definitely one of them. If the first game impresses when bringing players to a beautiful tropical world, Far Cry 2 pushes you into a desolate desert, where you will feel like you are playing a game. sandbox. While Far Cry 3 is a huge breakthrough, both in terms of graphics and open-world gameplay, Far Cry 4 does a great job of improving all the old advantages, to give birth to an enhanced version of the game. current technology degree” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Of course, we can’t forget Far Cry 3: either. Blood Dragon, one of the best and most memorable main series indie titles. Even many veteran gamers think that Blood Dragon is the most suitable game for new players to get started with the world of Far Cry. In short, Blood Dragon is a game worth every penny you spend to buy.

Blood Dragon is considered by many to be the best indie game with the best main series in recent years

With such brilliant seniors, Far Cry 5 Of course, it has received a lot of attention since the first information about the game was revealed. Over the past year, Ubisoft has “leaked” little by little the details of Far Cry 5. And with each leaked detail, fans are more “crazy” with the game.


The core of Far Cry 5’s gameplay is built around what we’ve seen before, combined with a particularly compelling new element: The Gun For Hire. to rent). You will run a mercenary team consisting of a veteran sniper, 2 pilots (1 in 2 helicopters), a hunter, a flamethrower character, Hurk (back from Far Cry). 3&4) and Boomer, the loyal dog. Each character possesses different skills, which promise to bring new approaches to Far Cry 5. Attacking enemies with the help of Hurk will certainly be very different when you go to battle with Boomer in beside.


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Unlike other Far Cry games, which often take place in foreign lands, the events of Far Cry 5 will take place in Montana (USA). Hope County is of course a fantasy city, but it will be designed to be realistic enough to make players feel at home. A bunch of fanatics taking over the city is of course an unreal event, but the circumstances that take place in it, will obviously make players think of real-life events.


An interesting detail that perhaps few people know, this fanatical leader will be “played” by actor Greg Bryk, who has been very successful as Frontier’s anti-human psychopath Cobbs Pond ( Netflix). No exaggeration, just Bryk bringing into the game half of what he performed with Cobbs Pond, is enough to make our fanatical leader become “skinned” and attractive enough in the role. main evil.


Besides the single player campaigns, Far Cry Arcade is also an interesting mode. Promising to be the most complete map editing system for an open-world console game, Far Cry Arcade will allow players to create and share their own levels, in addition to their own. Ubisoft’s play. Simply put, Far Cry Arcade will bring players more than 9,000 items from titles like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Far Cry Primal and Watch Dogs… However, players will be able to freely imagine and create “combination” levels between the aforementioned games.


Ubisoft really “promised” to bring too much in Far Cry 5. The game will be a great success if all those promises come true. In the opposite direction, Ubisoft will have to eat bitter fruit because it dares to let gamers eat a “drawing cake” that is too big. How true it is, let’s wait and see. Far Cry 5 will be officially released on March 27.​

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