Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will have a mode like PUBG?

PUBG is one of the biggest names in the gaming world today. Not that, after the success of the game, a series of names followed. From Fortnite, GTA Online, Warface, Dying Light to Paladins.. all trying to take that piece of the pie. And now it seems like a real big man of the village shooting game will also join that line.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Reported by Dow Jones Newswireinvestment firm Oppenheimer has just increased the value of shares for Activision along with the statement:


This means that future titles of Activision, including products developed by Blizzard, Infinity Ward, Treyarch or Slegdehammer Games… will most likely have more PUBG-like modes. Fan Call of Duty even pushed the prediction further when saying that the 2018 version of Call of Duty ie Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 There will be a Battle Royale mode. In addition, Activision also has a title FPS Another possible Battle Royale application is Destiny 2 – which is being considered a bomb for the developer’s controversial moves.


Anyway, it won’t be until October of this year before we can experience it for ourselves Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. So there is still a lot of time to wait for new information from Activision. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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