All about the latest survival mode in Unparalleled Arrogance

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The terrible spread of the survival genre on many platforms, from PC to mobile, is making the traditional MMORPG genre feel “hard to live” in the game market, especially swordplay RPGs. Unparalleled Pride In this difficult period, there has been a transformation to meet the new needs and tastes of the gamer community.


Quickly updating the market trend while keeping the identity of its game, Ixinyou has created a survival mode bold swordplay in Unparalleled Arrogance. That is Thi Blood of Darkness, a daily activity that any player would love to participate in. This feature partly helps swordplay games overcome the label of “taking meat over people”, and at the same time, truly tells players what the elements of balance, survival, sensationalism and suspense are in each action. Gamers can participate in the experience right at the new server Ly Mac Sau, which will be released at 10:00 am on March 16.

Gate waiting for survival mode, everyone is “naked” like anyone

Entering the map, the player will wear “white clothes”, no longer have any connection to outside forces, even the ingame name is obscured, completely alone among hundreds of people in the Dark Abyss. When the number of seconds on the field waits for the score to zero, all strategies for survival begin to be applied.

The trap of “hit and die” in survival mode

It’s a bit different from the usual survival genre, in addition to having to PK with other players, you also have to avoid a lot of traps in the “dead hit” style such as dangerous area fire, covered by fog. dim. Not to mention, there are no teammates, no pharmacy, the only support for you is the poor equipment set and the faction’s skill set. Don’t worry, because the surrounding opponents are just as “cane pulp” as you. The painting is better than each other in that luck, when you find some bright spots, you can loot some props to increase your strength.

Loot bright spots to find props

Don’t think that having a little more combat power is “aggressive. Standing in a cliff of hundreds of people, it is not a good plan to move a little dame, killing many enemies. Because the fact that you kill many people also means that you are the enemy of the whole map. It is the last survival that is truly and the most important, which makes players feel that life is precious, and at the same time, more important than the final worthwhile reward.

The last survivor will gain a lot of benefits

Through many battles, you will have to learn and apply how to seize opportunities, sneak, run away, counterattack, fisherman to benefit, sit in front of the mountain to fight tigers, … generally not from tricks to live. last remnant. All is a bloody war that only stops until there is 1 person standing on the map.

Equipment Hoang Kim costs up to 50 million

With the activity of Thi Blood of the Dark Area, Ngoi Kiem Wu Song is the first swordplay game to pioneer to update the survival trend and change the taste for the guests. Accompanying this transformation is the big event Ngu Nien, the 5th anniversary of the launch of this MMORPG with a lot of valuable items, including the extremely rare Golden equipment worth up to 50 million VND/dish.

The current heat of survival mode and precious Golden equipment has spread at the new server Ly Mac Sau, which will be released at 10:00 am on March 16.

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