Revealing the truth of the “last boss” organization in black in Conan

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For longtime fans of the series manga Detective ConanIn addition to hoping that the Shinichi – Ran couple can quickly “reunite”, the biggest question is: Boss Who is the mysterious character of the black organization?”. It was recently reported that author Aoyama Gosho will be taking a long-term break due to health problems after publishing Chapter 1008 of the series. Coincidentally, in this Chapter 1008, before officially suspending composing, the author also gave fans an expensive detail: “The True Truth of the Black Organization Boss”.


In chapter 1008, .’s parents Conan Kudo Yusaku and Yukiko have returned to Japan and informed him of important information about the Boss of the Black Organization – Ano Kata. Not only that, the author also left the words “The true identity of the Black Organization Boss is finally revealed” making readers more curious about the veil of secrecy that is about to be lifted.

Shinichi replies to Ran’s text.

It is known that the person currently suspected of being the most likely Boss is a millionaire named Karasuma Renya – who is said to have died 40 years ago, at the age of 90. Whether this millionaire is really dead or not, is still a big unknown. According to Kudo Yusaku – the father of Kudo Shinichi / Conan, if this theory is true, then Conan has “made a grudge” with one of the most powerful people in Japan.

Shinichi’s father raises a question about Boss.

When this news was announced, the readers loved the manga Detective Conan There has been a wave of extremely heated debate on all sides Forum love manga. Everyone has just wanted to find out the truth, there is a “last boss” who organizes a black shirt and watches the most intense battle of Conan and Boss. But at the same time, I am also afraid that the time Boss shows up is also the time when the favorite manga has come to an end. Moreover, author Aoyama Gosho’s indefinite hiatus also leads readers to speculate that when the author returns, he will officially announce the end of the story. Popular detective manga Detective Conan companion with comic book geeks for more than two decades now, but its attraction has not diminished. Although due to health reasons, the author cannot quickly release new chapters, but fans are always looking forward and eager every time they hold the book in their hands. Detective Conan.


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