PUBG appeared an item with a “market” price of more than 25 million dong

PUBG is the hottest game today, that’s undeniable. With an extremely competitive and attractive gameplay, the game attracts millions of gamers to play every day. However, for a large part, the motivation to enter the battlefield in PUBG is also expensive items.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

For those of you who don’t know, the game has an inventory system that opens with Battle Points earned through playing the game. These crates open according to the nature of “random” with items ranging from normal average to super rare. All of them can be sold through our Market Place system Steamhelping gamers can earn a decent amount of money.


Therefore, if you accidentally open items listed as rare in PUBG, it is entirely possible that you can sell them for a few hundred to thousands of dollars (the record of the Bandana item). Recently, the PUBG community also had an item that was pushed in price to more than 1000 dollars with a small amount. Yes that is Ivory School Uniform Set Women – Item sets cannot be purchased with Battle Points but can only be unlocked with codes from the Gamescom Invitational event. Currently on the “market” Steam, only 3 sets are sold with a starting price of nearly 1100 dollars, or about 25 million VND.


For comparison, the Bandana face mask currently has a starting price of 937 USD while there are 43 pieces on sale, guaranteed to lose to the Ivory School Uniform Set in terms of rarity and value. However, to be fair, the Ivory School Uniform Set is a 3-Item set rather than a retail item, including School Skirt, School Jacket and Sneakers.


You can see the prices of PUBG’s most expensive items right now here:

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