Battlefield Bad Company 3 suddenly leaked information – More terrible than Battlefield 1?

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With the fans Battlefieldthe name Bad Company really no stranger. Different from the mainstream game series with a “serious” context, this sub-series allows gamers to role-play characters like no other.. rogue soldiers who care about nothing more than themselves. However, the good thing is that those selfish people were teased by fate and became reluctant heroes, creating a unique storyline for the Bad Company series.

And now after DICE published Battlefield 1 As with Star Wars Battlefront II, it seems that the next destination will be Battlefield Bad Company 3 – the game is being fan FPS Looking forward to the most at the moment. In fact, this game has been mentioned by gamers for a long time, but perhaps only today the information about it has begun to be revealed.


Information of Battlefield Bad Company 3 leaked via Youtuber named “TheAlmightyDaq”. If another Youtuber had a reputation for Battlefield Bad Company 3, perhaps the gaming community would have ignored it and thought this was just a trick to catch views. However, TheAlmightyDaq is not an ordinary name, especially for Battlefield fans. Since before Battlefield 1 was officially announced, this YouTuber correctly predicted the World War 1 setting that this game was based on. Not only that, all information about gameplay, game modes and many other details was also announced by TheAlmightyDaq before DICE officially confirmed. So this time when he revealed about Battlefield Bad Company 3, gamers had a basis to believe.


Specifically, TheAlmightyDaq said: Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be set throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s of the last century up to the period of the Cold War. However, the game will not follow the historical elements, but can transform to make the plot details more vivid, like how Battlefield 1 adapts the battles in the World War. In addition, besides the return of the extremely popular Rush mode in the first Bad Company version, familiar modes such as Team Deathmatch or Conquest will also be present..


About the time the game was officially revealed, TheAlmightyDaq said the possibility is high Battlefield Bad Company 3 will appear at E3 2018 and release around the end of the year. All information about this FPS game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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