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Register now for the zombie hunting survival game The Day After Tomorrow

After a while of teasing with trailers, The Day After Tommrow was officially opened for public testing on May 10. In this first opening, players will be able to test different systems typical of survival games such as creation, loot, fighting, squads… Here Emergenceingame.Com will introduce a few features through the first test of the game.


Firstly, about the character because the game is designed with a realistic survival style, so the character’s body will be like in real life, like feeling hungry and tired, so the participants in the game always have to make sure your character is full, so besides killing zombies In addition, you also have to go hunting, the special feature is that the surrounding animals are also turned into zombies, but they can still be eaten and are your only source of food.


The virus is spreading everywhere, the number of sick people is increasing exponentially, all supplies of basic essentials are limited, the source of weapons is almost zero, so the you have to make your own these widgets is a must-do at the moment. Simple weapons that can be crafted like axes, bows, or more complex like guns, in short, just can kill the enemy.


In addition, you can also grow essential foods for yourself and other players, along with survivors. Rebuild a new world, along with that is against the zombies that are wandering the streets day by day. Only in this way can you survive the pandemic.

The Day After Tomorow can be said as a fiction film about the post-pandemic world, which if you are a fan of post-pandemic movies like The Walking Dead then this will be a game that meets all your requirements. The game has no level limit, so players will continuously level up by killing as many zombies as possible. The game is currently open for testing on both iOS and Android platforms.

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