Shivering with horror games adapted from real events

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Titles horror game always give players unforgettable experiences, not only because of their gameplay, graphics, and atmosphere, but also because of their compelling storyline. Instead of creating a completely new storyline, many game publishers have taken cues from real-life thrilling stories and recreated them again in their work. Let’s take a look at some of those games.

first. Kholat


IMGN.PRO’s 3.5 million sales first-person horror game is inspired by a true mystery that happened in the Soviet Union in 1959. On the evening of February 2, a A group of nine climbers led by Dyatlov set up a tent overnight on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl and lost contact from there. They were found dead with the tent torn from the inside and visible traces of struggle. Due to the lack of eyewitnesses, the deaths of 9 people led to a lot of speculation. Soviet investigators at that time listed the cause of death of the group of students as “mysterious forces, within 3 years after that, this place was completely sealed off, banning all detectives. dangerous or ski in and out.

The Kholat game is adapted from this very case, thrown into the vast Kholat Mountains, the player is forced to find the truth of the matter by discovering information and challenges surrounding the plot. main game. Playing time for each part can last from 4 to 6 hours.

2. Maid of Sker


Maid of Sker is a first-person horror survival game, set in a pub set in a remote part of Wales with a terrifying folklore. In the year 1962, when science was backward, religion dominated, in the town of Salem, Massachusetts (USA), a pastor’s daughter was infected with a strange disease but because the people there did not believe it, that the pastor and his son were doing a terrible job, eventually forcing more than 20 people to die, and 200 others were detained. Maid of Sker is adapted from the above story.

Maid of Sker is also a ghost story inspired by Victorian novels, about a suffering woman whose soul has been trapped in a mansion for 800 years. The context of the game was built in 1898, Elizabeth Williams – the lover of musician Thomas Evans is entangled in a series of troubles at Sker House – the haunted house, which forces Thomas to defy the danger to enter. this house to rescue his lover.

The game will launch around the third quarter of this year on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms.

3. Fight the Horror


Fight the Horror is a horror survival game created by the indie developer 4D MACAU. The game is adapted from 7 major historical events that happened in Macao (China), including the story of the killing of the Bat Tien restaurant that was once filmed into a movie.

The above case happened at a restaurant in Macao in 1985, the suspect killed the whole family of 9 people of the owner of Bat Tien restaurant and an employee in the restaurant, the age of the victim ranges from 7 to 70 years old. . After killing these victims, the perpetrator also cut off the limbs and threw them on the nearby beach. At that time, it was even rumored that the murderer had cut up the victim’s body and cooked it into food, and sold them in the restaurant, causing a stir in both Macao and Hong Kong for a long time.

Until being arrested, the suspect still refused to admit his murder and committed suicide shortly after. To this day, it is not known whether this year the killer had an accomplice to help dispose of the victim’s body.

Fight the Horror officially released this March 13 on Xbox One, PC and PS4 platforms.

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