Released a game leak online, a whole series of accounts were “flying color” by Nintendo in 1 note

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Officially launching the game village on November 15, but since the beginning of the month, a series of leaks about Pokemon Sword and Shield, which covers everything from characters to plots that have gone viral on the internet. However, before things go too far, Nintendo has taken drastic measures to prevent this problem – removing all posts, even getting ready to destroy all accounts if it continues. perform the same behavior.


One of the most prominent leakers came from the account @CentroLeaks, who leaked the entire list Pokemon 8th generation with a series of pictures in Pokemon Sword and Shield. After the discovery, Nintendo directly removed all posted images and locked the Twitter account, but the story did not stop there. This account continued to share leaks to Imgur in an attempt to bypass Nintendo, but was eventually found and deleted by the company.

Moreover, Twitter is not the only platform where information about Pokemon Sword and Shield is illegally distributed right before the launch. RuffledRowlit was one of many people who posted leaks on YouTube and received a report for copyright infringement. If the reported number goes up to 3 then the channel will most likely be removed from the platform. Nintendo’s strong move has made many YouTubers worried, they deleted the related videos immediately to avoid unwanted consequences.


From this work of Nintendo, many people speculate that the above leaks are probably true. Straightforwardly locking the removal and locking the accounts of leakers, perhaps the company wants to keep it a secret until the last minute to bring many interesting surprises to players. Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15, 2019 for Nintendo Switch.​

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