The creator of Pokemon Go promises an AR game about Harry Potter

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unitethe title of the developer of the famous mobile game Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs game will be released next year. This is the first project that Niantic has collaborated on game development with Warner Bros Interactive. Previously, there were rumors about the game going into the design phase, but all the information was very vague and unconfirmed, that’s why all the information was dead, and forgotten. But now, Nantic has confirmed with an official announcement on the website.


Those who have had a childhood eating and sleeping with Harry Potter, this is definitely a hot news not to be missed and let’s wait together. The game will bring users into a world they have always dreamed of, experiencing the magical world of JK Rowling where witches come to life using images from the phone’s camera combined with layers of virtual information. (AR). The gameplay will be somewhat similar to that of its siblings, Pokemon Go and Ingest, the game will also allow users to accumulate points, collect items, and protect their key locations. ask everyone to work together to destroy powerful enemies, be it Death Eaters or Lord Voldemort


Niantic has been too successful with Pokemon Go before, but recently, with signs of cooling down, many virtual reality game lovers after receiving the above announcement are hoping that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will make it a success. work like a brother in the house. Now let’s wait until next year to live in a magical world. All information about the game will be updated the fastest by Emergenceingame.Com.​

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