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It took years for Battlefield 1’s “Zombie door” to be revealed

Although it has been released for two years, this shooting game still attracts many players to find the solution. There are countless brain hacking questions and secrets that make gamers constantly go to find out and in it is a mysterious door called “Zombie Door”.


This door was found in the Fort Vaux map released last March, it is known that this map was inspired by the Fort de Vaxu fortress located in France, the land that was attacked by the Nazis during the war. first World War. Returning to the above mysterious door, it has never been opened, and hidden behind are monstrous screams, with a curious nature, this will be an extremely interesting mystery for gamers. To open this door, the only clue is that the player will need to search the map for a total of 9 switches, which need to be rotated in order to form the words “Isolement” written on the door.


When you open the door, it’s a small room, but there are no monsters here, with 4 beds, a picture of a horse, similar to the image on the official website of the game announced. And yet the player will continue to the secret of the water valves that appear in the room, containing a question that no one has found out for a long time. However, recently the Captain Eggcellent youtube channel has posted a video showing that this player has found the mystery of the puzzle and surprised many people.


It took him a year to find the answer to those horrible noises, the water valve connected to a pipe, it was a very deep water pipe, every time a grenade was thrown down there was a horrible sound of monsters. appeared, then on the wall appeared strange signs like a map. From those clues, he found the number 6932, with the answer being to turn the water valve 6 times to the right, 9 times to the left, 3 times to the right and 2 times to the left to close the water valve. In the end, the reward that the player receives is a dog tag that is only used for decoration, but this is completely worth the effort of this player for a year because solving the puzzle and overcoming the challenge is the part. biggest reward.


You can watch the video below to see the process of finding the solution of this gamer.

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