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Red Dead Redemption PC version was killed mercilessly


Rumors of a Red Dead Redemption 2 release on PC have popped up from time to time, sparking fans’ hopes for the prospect that Rockstar’s wild west adventure will one day come to the platform. The above flame was sparked by information on Social Hub, LinkedIn and Stadia Rockstar. While, one modder previously decided to bring the console version of Red Redemption 2010 to the PC platform with a mod project – but it seems that this project is on hold.

Upgrade project Red Dead Redemption by modder Damneddev, whose goal is to remake the game for the PC platform using emulators. According to information posted on the GTA forums, the project uses a direct modification of Xenia/RPCS3 – or the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 emulator version of the game.


However, as discovered by DSOGaming, it seems that the modder guy has now paused the above project. Damneddev updated the post with the message “please note that the project will be on hiatus. Explanatory video will be updated. I am not happy about this. Please understand and all will be explained soon. .” In addition, the modder also posted on Twitter information about the project, indicating that at the moment, everything is on hold. The video explaining the reason for the delay has not been posted yet.

Many speculate that the modder may have received a legal notice that halted the project’s implementation. Red Dead Redemption IP owners, of course, have the power to dictate changes to the title’s content, but if this is the case, this means that the future of the Red Dead Redemption upgrade project will be very unpredictable. .

According to Damneddev, the remaster is expected to bring “high-quality re-tuned graphic elements, unlimited textures, including UI/UX menus, in-game HUD, detailed optimizations, updates, and more. model updates, alpha/beta tools and more”. Damneddev says the project’s goal is to “rework and optimize so that games from the console can run smoother and look better on Xenia/RPCS3 emulators.” So the game needs to be modded to work.

Although the trailer above GTA forum indicates a mod version is coming, but the truth is that the project is in “standby mode”. It is difficult to determine when the mod version of Red Dead Redemption will be released.​

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