Nine Yin Chan Kinh officially set the release date of the new version Duy Nga Du Ton

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Currently passionate community The Nine Yin Chan Kinh was able to visit the Intro page to see firsthand information about the features that will be updated in the version Unique Self:


Recently, when NPH GOSU held an event to write a tutorial for the new version, many gamers have guessed that this is an act of “hearing” and the release date of the version is near. However, when officially receiving the announcement from the homepage, the community of gamers of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh really broke down in joy “Thank God! New Version, two new sects!”

The Nine Yin Chan Kinh currently has 21 sects and more than 100 sets of martial arts

For a long time, the Nine Yin Chan Kinh has been famous for its rich martial arts and treasures of martial arts. Up to now, this 3D MMORPG title has had 21 sects, more than 130 sets of martial arts released. The appearance of two hidden sects, Dat Ma Phai – Ngu Tien Giao and many other features are also an affirmation to gamers that, in the near future, the world of Nine Yin will have a lot of new goals to conquer.


The Five Immortals have a knack for potions

In particular, the new sect Ngu Tien Giao, also known by many gamers as the Ngu Doc Religion, belongs to the evil sect, is a branch of Nam Cuong Vu Giao. Disciple in this sect specializes in the study of Ancient Magic (The Art of Poisoning) – one is for self-defense, the other is for healing and saving people. The weapon used is Do Thu (right kick) – Song Hoan. Diverse attack forte, dealing good damage in both melee and ranged. This hidden faction is considered very dangerous because of its ability to control and reduce enemy attributes.


Dat Ma has an extremely annoying fighting style

Dat Ma Phai is considered a hidden faction that has a “special talent” for causing inhibitions to opponents with the ability to stun and reduce anger continuously in close combat. The weapon chosen to practice martial arts is Do Thu – Truong Con. Belonging to the main force of the sect, taking the ideology of Zen Zong Buddha as the basis for establishing the sect, the disciple Dat Ma later transformed into a Buddha, purified his mind, and practiced meditation. Although most are hermits, not interested in world affairs, but if someone intentionally makes it difficult, they do not care about worldly rules and are determined to punish them.

The image of Tomb of Tieu Thanh is covered with white snow

However, it is a strange thing for two hidden sects to appear at the same time at the same time in the version of the Single Ton Only Self. And according to NPH GOSU, this event comes from the story of Quyet Chien Tomb of Tieu Thanh and the feature of Tomb of Tien Chu also released in this version.

Trailer version of Duy Nga Single Ton – Quyet Chien Lang Tieu Thanh

Accordingly, after overcoming the competition of the martial arts world, the player with the highest contribution points for Lang Tieu Thanh will be honored to learn the internal technique of Luc Dao Lang Tieu Doc Ton Quyet. Worthy of the two words Doc Ton in his name, the secret tribulation is only for the city owner Lang Tieu Thanh, with up to 3 “buffalo” effects that are self-healing, sustaining opponent’s damage, and counterattacking when being attacked. combos. Possessing this internal attack, for any character, is a great advantage in PvP battles.

New forbidden place Thien An Coc

In addition to the two new sects with the feature of the Tomb of Tien Chu, the Duy Nga Doc Ton version also released the forbidden land of Thien An Coc, two new martial arts sets, Four Statues of Swordsmanship, Nature Ly Tam Luu, .. However, Within the scope of this article, the writer cannot fully introduce it, so I invite readers to refer directly to the intro Nine Yin Chan Kinh.

Many events, gifts to celebrate the new version

It is known that, mistakenly increasing the heat for the new version, Nine Yin Chan Kinh appeared many attractive events and gifts such as Golden Egg Beating, Gratitude Gifts, Nine Yin Returns, etc. All will appear with the new version. Single Ton only on the day September 27.

For details about the new version of Duy Nga Doc Ton, along with special events of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh, please refer to:
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