Yume Nikki – Horrible game that haunts players for 13 years in a row

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There’s a girl in the room.. She never goes out.. Whatever’s behind the bedroom door, she doesn’t want you to know. She shook her head with an unchanging sad expression. She refused to open that door, but in her own dream… she let go of the hand that opened the latch. And behind that door were the nightmares that beckoned her. Who is she? Why did she lock herself in this room? What is the meaning behind the gruesome scenes that appear every time she falls asleep? Those questions have been asked over and over again hundreds of thousands of times over the past decade.. but no one has been able to answer.


The girl inside that room is Madotsuki – the main character of an indie game called Yume Nikki nice Dream Diary. Released by Japanese game developer Kiriyama, the game was soon translated into English by fans. However, the translation does not take much effort because Yumi Nikki has no lines or plot. All it takes is a few lines of text on the menu screen and the instructions couldn’t be simpler. Go to sleep, dream, wake up.. and then dream again. So the new game is called Dream Diary – Dream Diary. Every time Madotsuki fell asleep she found herself waking up in a ghostly version of the room. Everything still has the same structure but the details are completely reversed.. The sky is now a different color and on the TV screen are blinking eyes. Above all, the mysterious door can now be opened.


Madotsuki is always alone

Behind the bedroom door are other doors.. with each door leading to extremely “dreamy” scenes. A forest made of neon lights. A piece of land covered with snow. An abstract world with numbers and graphics. A realm of nothing but human corpses.. Each world has its own doors, continuing to lead you to deeper and more spooky places. Everything is like the movie Inception, only it has a darker color where people are caught up in the dream of dreams. The characters in the game are not much different from that world, where they have monstrous and deformed bodies.. For example, a black and white pianist living in a spaceship or a leather guy. green lying dead in the middle of the street. Madotsuki is also unable to interact with these characters, not at all.. except for acts of violence. The game does not allow you to make any human gestures, not even a word. In the game Madotsuki is always alone.


But with that said, acts of violence against these characters are entirely possible.. all thanks to an “Effect” named “Knife”. Yume Nikki has 24 Effects in all, hidden in every different corner and the player must collect all of them to unlock the final ending. Some Effects have certain effects.. For example, “Bicycle” allows you to move faster, “Hand” helps the main character return to the starting point, or “Umbrella” activates the rain effect. fall. But most of them are useless, such as the Effect for Madotsuki to turn her hair bright blonde or completely erase her face.

Knife, the only Effect you can use to face your own nightmare.. turns out to be the most useless Effect. It cannot be used to attack monsters that wake up Madotsuki, but can only be used to attack innocent characters she encounters along the way. If ruthless enough to act, the player can only pick up a few lifeless silver coins that do nothing more than remind Matdotsuki of his own ruthlessness. She can’t level up, can’t buy items, can’t use them to trade… because she can’t interact with anyone. Therefore, Yume Nikki is like a game that is not a game. It has no purpose other than to motivate players with curiosity.. it has no plot, it has no destination, it has nothing. It’s like a walking simulator before the term “Walking Simulator” was born and when the Internet was just beginning to develop.


In an era when Youtuber was still something so foreign Yume Nikki built a reputation through videos that reveal little secrets in the game. These secrets range from finding the girl with the arm on her head, stepping on a ship that crashed on Mars, or the location of the monster wailing underground. The most notorious of these secrets is probably Uboa – a disfigured face that screams madly across the screen all the time. With her singularity, Yume Nikki has a lot of fan-made mini-games to pay tribute to. However, the core thing that kept the Yume Nikki community “alive” for 13 years in a row was extremely spooky theories. Some think that Madotsuki is a girl being bullied at school which leads to the diabolical dreams she has. Others think that it is Madotsuki who is a bully.. or worse, a psychopath who dreams of what he wants to do in real life. Many people also do not rule out the possibility that the girl is a victim of abuse.. who always wonders why her soul is so bad.


But no one knows the real answer.. no one knows why Madotsuki is seeing such scenes in her dreams… or above all, why does she dream so much? The developer Kikiyama himself has never said a word for 13 years straight. They have never revealed who they are and maintained a mysterious image around the development team since the release of Yume Nikki until now. That’s why everything around Yume Nikki is vague and haunting… like the very nature of a dream. If you want to find the solution for yourself, want to witness the crazy dreams of the Madotsuki girl.. you can download the game for free to your PC and “enjoy” here:

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