Read PDF files on Chrome, Firefox, IE with

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Normally, when you want to read a PDF file, you will have to download it to your computer, and then use the software to open it, which is very time consuming. In this article, will help you read PDF files with directly on Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE simply.

Normally to read a PDF file from the internet you will have to download the file and then open it with pre-installed software on your computer. However, what if your computer does not have PDF reader software installed? Moreover, you also can’t know if the PDF file is the document you need to search for, in that case, opening the PDF file with directly from Chrome, Firefox, IE will be a better choice.

Read PDF files on Chrome, Firefox, IE with

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Note: You can use any browser to apply. In this article we use Chrome browser to illustrate.

Step 1: First copy the following line:

Step 2: Next copy the download link of the PDF file.

Step 3: Paste the PDF link after the link as follows.

view doc file pdf directly on chrome firefox ie

Final result.

doc file pdf online, view pdf file with

Thus, has just introduced to you how to view and read PDF files with directly on Chrome, Firefox, and IE. In fact, Chrome and Firefox now also have a built-in online PDF reader function, but in some versions you will have to enable this feature to use it.
In addition, you can also read PDF files with Nitro PDF Reader – one of the most effective PDF reader support software today.

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