Blatantly stealing a series of super products, pirated game download websites are miserable because of face-to-face compensation

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September 10th, Nintendo of the United States has officially filed a lawsuit against website for “brazenly copying on a large scale” of its top game series. The company is asking for damages of $2 million in trademark infringement and $150,000 for each game illegally shared on the site.


Surely many of us have downloaded games from pirated ROM websites online. Such sites often have no copyright control, players can freely download game ROMs to their devices without paying any fee to Nintendo or game makers.

According to Nintendo’s allegation, RomUniverse is “one of the most popular and visited websites for the posting of pirated Nintendo games. It allows players to download the majority of titles under its intellectual property, including hundreds of games that have just been released for Nintendo Switch.” The company claims that there are about 800,000 illegal downloads of the titles Nintendo games 3DS and Switch via website. Not only that, RomUniverse also offers a membership subscription that costs $30 per year, allowing users to download unlimited pirated games at high speed. In addition to games, this pirated web ROM also offers the company’s movies and books.


Nintendo has long been very strict in managing its copyrighted products. Last year, two websites and (also pirated game download website like RomUniverse) was sued by the company and had to pay up to 12 million dollars. This is of course not very well received by gamers, but it is clearly a necessary move because if these sites exist, no one will pay money to download games on their services and game systems. Nintendo too.

With a community site like RomUniverse, $2 million for trademark infringement and $150,000 per head fake game is too big a number. However, it is likely that Nintendo will not be too rigid in claiming compensation because this number is simply something for the company to force the owner of RomUniverse to remove all the free ROM download links on the web.


Nintendo has always been the same, ostensibly a creative game corporation, friendly to all ages, but in the marketplace, they are the scariest old foxes. “This decision will help protect the UK games industry and the more than 1,800 developers worldwide who rely on the legitimate game business for their livelihood and continue to work,” they said. to bring quality games to gamers.”​

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