CSGO gamer gets “banned” for 1 month for calling his opponent… monkey

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Esports or E-Sports is stepping closer to the level of real-life sports, especially in terms of professionalism and regulations for athletes participating in competition. Therefore, the actions of professional gamers in real life or on the Internet, if not careful, can completely subject them to appropriate punishment.


The puzzle is that for the outside of life, but inside the match, even the smallest insults to the opponent are still faced with stronger punishments. Accordingly, when playing in the tournament, CSGO Faceit Pro LeagueGerman gamer Niko Gruhne Hay is also known by his nickname k1to has just been banned by BTC for 1 month in a row because of his words towards the opponent.


Accordingly, after being beaten by a Brazilian gamer Joao Vasconcellos with the nickname “felpsThis clip was recorded by another Streamer and after Vasconcellos saw it, he decided to post it on social media to ask Niko directly. Niko immediately apologized to the colleague and said that it was simply a blur: “That sentence doesn’t mean anything.” Vasconcellos also did not push the matter further when accepting the apology: Everyone makes mistakes and learns from their mistakes. It’s okay, this is ignored.”


However, the incident immediately caught the attention of the tournament organizers and Faceit decided to ban Niko from playing for 1 consecutive month. Representative of BTC announced:

In response, Alternate aTTaX – The team that Niko is playing on, released his official statement about the incident:

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