Criticized because the female generals appeared too much, Total War: Rome II responded harshly

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Total War: Rome II is a title strategy game cult set in Roman times developed by Creative Assembly. Unlike the old version, in Total War: Rome II, players can choose to play in many different ancient countries, not just Rome.

Recently, this game has been criticized by many players because the female generals in the game appear too much. Starting in March of this year, players of Total War: Rome II have discovered that the probability of the appearance of the ‘sister guild’ has increased greatly. Some players objected to this new setting of the game, saying that this was not true of history, because at that time it was very rare for female generals to appear.


Faced with this criticism of the player, the person in charge of the social network of Creative Assembly responded harshly that, Total War: Rome II is only relative history, not completely according to history, if If this player doesn’t like it, he can mod it or not play anymore. This action made gamers feel extremely angry, so recently on Steam, this game received a series of negative comments.


At the same time, Creative Assembly also stated, the frequency of appearance of female generals is governed by marriage and faction, so the company will not change anything in the game. The company also shared that the probability of summoning a female general has not changed, but if the player lets the male characters get married, more and more female characters will join the family, that is. It also means that the summoning rate of female champions will increase. But this situation only appears in countries where female characters can be generals.


In most countries, the summoning rate of female generals is around 10-15% but of course there are some exceptions, in Kush the rate is as high as 50%, but conversely, in Greece, Rome and some other western countries, female characters are not allowed to be generals, so the chance to call out female generals is 0%. This setting of the game is created due to cultural differences between countries.

The publisher did not find any points that would prove this is a Bug and will not modify or remove this setting.​

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