Miss & Mister VLTK 15: Looking forward to the “makeover” of the shy engineer from Vo Lam Truyen Ky

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As a gentle person, even somewhat timid when standing in front of the crowd, mechanical engineer To Quang Sang was surprised when he excelled in surpassing thousands of contestants to become the face of the game. Vo Lam Truyen Ky game (VLTK) went straight to the Miss & Mister Finals VLTK 15. Besides the will to challenge himself, the encouragement from the brothers in the Bloodthirsty Bang (server Thuong Lan) and especially the support of his wife, helped him gamer Born in 1984, this is more confident to register for the contest.


Quang Sang shared that he has been with VLTK since the days when he was still in the lecture hall, up to now, it has been more than 10 years. Therefore, he is considered one of the “old” gamers of the game Sword of Love and Love this.

That 10-year journey with Quang Sang contains many memories. Those were the first days of playing, tired of fighting each monster to earn experience points, flaming PK battles to fight monsters – practice skills – hunt boss Hoang Kim…

“Once upon a time, when I was playing in the PK state of Theposmand, I was once plowing the practice level on Lam Du Quan when I was murdered by some other state’s acc. After that, I ‘crying’ with my brothers in the state, so everyone pulled up there to demand justice “- Quang Sang recounted.

In addition to the game, during the days of Thien Ha De Nhat Bang, brothers from many states gathered together to practice and compete officially in Cyzone (a net shop in Hanoi). In particular, many related activities, fierce matches taking place at both ends of the country (HCMC and Hanoi) were broadcast and commented live on the internet at that time.


Back to the Miss & Mister VLTK 15 contest, without the need for too artistic photos, but instead just very ordinary images, Quang Sang still shows his own style and charm just like the contestants. young.

“Coming to the final round of Miss & Mister VLTK 15, meeting and interacting with the remaining excellent contestants is my great honor and happiness. I think everyone deserves to win the championship.”


With only one race left, the Champion of Miss & Mister VLTK 15 will be determined. What surprises will await them in this final race? Don’t forget to join Emergenceingame.Com to watch and cheer for engineer To Quang Sang and his favorite contestants in the final round of Miss & Mister VLTK 15.

The latest information of Miss & Mister VLTK 15 can be found at: https://bit.ly/3iVIyJL

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