New Horror Movie Brings Zombies into… World War 2

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Talk about Nazi Zombie is we talking about series Call of Duty… The bloodthirsty monsters of the Nazi clique have become a nightmare that haunts many gamers passionate about the game series. FPS this ever since. But today Nazi Zombies will no longer stop on the gaming domain, but instead step directly into the world of cinema with the latest movie called Overlord.


Overlord takes viewers to the context of World War II when the Allied army launched an attack on Nazi Germany during the events of D-Day. The main character’s mission is to retake a village from the enemy, but the plane carrying them is soon shot down before reaching the village. Surviving the accident, the Allied forces discovered that deep within the stronghold they had to capture was a secret research complex. into ferocious creatures with a mad thirst for blood.


Truly witnessed Overlord Call of Duty fans will not be able to forget the image of Nazi Zombie flooding back like a hurricane while me and my teammates had to die with a few meager bullets. Therefore, bringing Nazi Zombie with the context of World War 2 to the silver screen will attract a large part of interested gamers. Not only that, with being responsible for producing by JJ Abrams, the chance of success for Overlord will be even greater.


Overlord is scheduled to premiere on November 9 this year. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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