PUBG will fix the matchmaking bug in update 22 coming out this week

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Update 22

What does Update 22 have?

update 22 PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 22 will bring some major changes, including the ranking system, the option to allow map selection, and faster matchmaking times. Update 22 also addressed an issue with matchmaking that resulted in players being sent to matches that didn’t fit the region.

“This improved system was intended to automatically put players in the lowest ping area, but unfortunately, an error related to the ping calculation algorithm occurred and the player’s location was not determined correctly. .

“Due to the large number of players affected by this issue, the gameplay experience of many gamers has been affected and we sincerely apologize for this.”

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There is a hotfix to fix the matchmake bug

A hotfix has been released that will ensure players don’t connect to the wrong region again, and the developer is expected to release fixes for the rest of the game’s issues next week. Once on air, PUBG will prioritize the selection of the local area, and send players to the next nearest region if the number of players in the first region is too small to ensure that everyone is not stuck in the matchmaking stage. again.

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“We understand issues like this are extremely disruptive to your game and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to loyal players,” PUBG Corp said. “Our team will continue to closely monitor this, through data and player feedback.”

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