PUBG Update #22 brings a ranking system and many other new features

Map Selection is back, allowing you to choose the map you want to play

At the Update PUBG #22 Hey, PUBG Corp. has opened a Skin Exchange system where you can exchange low level skins for higher level skins.

  • You can exchange multiple skins of the same type and use BP to make that skin a higher level skin
  • To trade requires 10 skins, and at the highest level you can get Rare (Blue) while the system is being tested. We will consider expanding the system as we see the balance of this system but please note that the price of BP to trade skins will not change
  • The amount of BP required will vary depending on the level of the skin being traded. You will not be able to start an exchange without fulfilling the requirements (Skin, BP).


Update pubg 22 Update pubg 22 Update pubg 22

Added wheel menu for quick access to water, painkiller and bomb

  • These are the default buttons to use each function
    • G / F1: Bom
    • ~ / F2: Healing/Strengthening Items
    • F4: Expression
  • The Hotkey that activates the Expression has been changed from ` to F4
  • You can cancel the Wheel by clicking the right mouse button

Added the option to hide the nickname of the player in the killfeed who took down/killed you or a teammate.

  • Added a warning icon to the network statistics function
    • Three new icons representing High Latency, Latency Variation, Packet Loss
      • High Latency : Notifies you if your ping/latency gets too high
      • Latency Variation : Notifies you if your shift latency is too high
      • Packet Loss : Notify you if your packet loss rate is too high

- Emergenceingame

Added icon to check teammates’ logout/disconnected status

  • Player order between the Lobby and in-game is now consistent so players will have a fixed number and color based on the order in the Lobby when they enter the game.
  • Added option = manage maximum zoom ratio
  • Added auto reload option
    • When enabled, you will automatically reload while firing if the gun is out of ammo
    • By default, this setting is set to “Off” but can be changed in the Game menu


  • Improved client performance by optimizing the creation of character materials

Custom Match

Improve the calculation of participants in the waiting room

  • Players who are on track or unassigned will not be counted in the list of playable participants

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