ENCE beat Astralis 2-0 to win BLAST Pro Series Madrid

ENCE beat Astralis 2-0 to win BLAST Pro Series Madrid
BLAST Pro Series MADRID 2019 ENCE Astralis 1 - Emergenceingame

ENCE won BLAST Pro Series Madrid after a convincing win over Astralis in a final that lasted only 2 maps.

This has not been a memorable night for Astralis. The team was completely outclassed against ENCE. Starting at the Nuke map, the Finnish team played perfectly to end Astralis’ record of 32 consecutive Nuke wins. Train played closer, but ENCE came back from 0-5 to take a strong lead at CT.

This is the second time in a row Astralis has not won the cup. However, their form is not yet in crisis, but the world No. 1 position is shaken as the world No. 2 Liquid still has two more LAN tournaments waiting: cs_summit 4 and DreamHack Masters Dallas – before The Danish team returns to compete in the ECS Season 7 Finals.

ENCE opened the game on Nuke map with a strong affirmation, the team won 6 rounds in a row. The Danes responded with a half-baked build and then won the next round, but any attempt to penetrate ENCE’s CT defences was slowly extinguished.

With Aerial dominating the outside area with AUG, the Finnish team continuously controlled the opponent, allowing them to win only 4 rounds in the first half.

Switching to CT, Astralis had the advantage for themselves after winning the pistol round with a tense 2v2 phase. But after some confusing gun decisions by ENCE, the team responded in round 4 of the 2nd half. sergej clutch successful. 1v2, giving the team control of the game and destroying the economy of Astralis.

ENCE took advantage to gain map point when the score was 15-7. Astralis tried to find a gap but after a few rounds, the Finnish team completely finished the opponent, ending Astralis’ unbeaten streak at Nuke since the ECS Season 4 Finals in December 2017.

Losing their Nuke map pick, Astralis heated up and took a 5-0 lead at Train with a solid defense. ENCE was forced to use the timeout to stop the Astralis train, getting their first score in the next round with Aerial taking 4.

This crucial round put Astralis in a weak spot, allowing ENCE to take advantage. In addition to winning 2 consecutive rounds of Astralis, ENCE completely dominated the game in the remaining rounds of the first half, ending with just 1 round difference between the two teams.

Astralis to T with the perfect pistol round. However, the situation of the match turned when ENCE got himself the money. The Finnish team tightened their defenses and lost only one round before reaching the championship point at 15-11. Not allowed to make mistakes, Astralis tried to equalize, but ENCE’s solid defense put an end to the opponent with a very weak attack on the gun.

BLAST Pro Series MADRID 2019 ENCE Astralis - Emergenceingame

Final rankings of teams at BLAST Pro Series Madrid:

first. Finland ENCE – $125,000
2. Denmark Astralis – $50,000
3. Sweden NiP – $25,000 (+$20,000 from Stand-off)
4. Ukraine Natus Vincere – $15,000
5. United States Cloud9 – $10,000
6. Portugal Giants – $5,000

BLAST Pro Series Season Rankings

first. Denmark Astralis – 22 points
2. United States Liquid – 16 points
3. Europe FaZe – 12 points
4. Sweden NiP – 10 points
5. Brazil MIBR – 6 points
6. Ukraine Natus Vincere – 6 points
7. United States Cloud9 – 2 points

According to HLTV

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