PUBG universe expands with new game next year

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As we all know, the universe PUBG will be expanded with sci-fi survival horror game The Callisto Protocol in the next year. This is a game that is expected to become the best horror game on next-gen platforms by taking advantage of the power of new generation hardware.

The Callisto Protocol Trailer.

The Callisto Protocol is set in the Black Iron prison on Callisto – one of Jupiter’s main moons, a location that is predicted to give gamers a sense of complete solitude. Because of wanting to scare players when they are alone, this game will not support co-op play. The Callisto Protocol is in development for PC, PS 5 and Xbox Series X platforms.

And while waiting for the super product The Callisto Protocol to launch in the year after 2022, it seems that the publisher will have a new PUBG game for mobile released this year for gamers to “play”.


This news appeared in a section of the profile of Krafton CEO – Kim Chang Han. Krafton Inc. is a company based in Korea and the parent company of Bluehole, PUBG Corp and Striking Distance – the latter a Glen Schofield-run studio responsible for The Callisto Protocol. Later this year, Krafton is planning to go public for the first time, which is said to be worth up to $27.2 billion.

And it seems, Krafton is intending to take advantage of PUBG – the game that generates most of the company’s revenue. Bloomberg’s report also confirmed that production of a webtoon (animated webtoon) is in progress, and perhaps Krafton will make a significant amount of money from the sale of the rights.


As of July 2020, PUBG has sold 70 million copies on both PC and console while the number of downloads of the mobile version has reached 600 million (June 2019 is 400 million).​

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