Released after 7 years of development, Fallout: The Frontier caused the game mod web to crash due to overload

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More than 10 years of release but Fallout: New Vegas remains intact over time. Part of the reason why old games never lose their appeal is thanks to the dedication of the modder community. Fallout: New Vegas is no exception when it comes to inspiring creativity for many fans, even a group of gamers who have spent 7 years developing the mod The Frontier for the game.


The Frontier is considered the largest and most elaborate mod ever. The mod took the fanbase 7 years to complete. The Frontier is set in the snow-covered wasteland of Portland Oregon, where players need to choose an alliance with one of three factions New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion or Crusaders of Steel. Lots of cool features are provided such as 3 brand new missions (over 15 hours of gameplay in total), 150 new weapons, a driving system for the player to control the vehicle, voiceover sounds are also provided. added to make it more elaborate. Above all, this mod is completely free, the only condition is that the player already owns Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most beloved sequels in the entire series. Of course, there are many mods created throughout these years but The Frontier is known to be the best of them all. The trailer alone is enough to make fans have high expectations. Therefore, shortly after its release, the mod caused NexusMods to crash because of the large number of visitors. All day yesterday, although the website was restored, the download page of The Frontier was still empty. Thankfully, now that the problem has been fixed, interested gamers can download the mod normally.

The Frontier was originally planned to be released on NexusMods and Steam at the same time, but then the Steam launch schedule was postponed to next week. However, as reported by some lucky people who have completed the download, this mod is experiencing some technical problems, so if you can, wait a few more days and then download the Steam version. so late.

Link to download The Frontier on NexusMods:

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