‘Deadpool’ decided to remake the classic ‘Home Alone’ in a dirty style

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Through two movies about the mercenary Deadpool, the audience must be too familiar with the “super crazy” script and many “muddy” details in the movie. Main actor Ryan Reynolds gave the fans a Deadpool not afraid of heaven, not afraid of earth and ready to kick all superhero universes from Marvel arrive DC. With the project of the sequel to the classic movie of generations – Home Alone (Home Alone), Ryan Reynolds decided to bring his silliness with him Deadpool to make one more “adult” comedy.

“Home Alone” in addictive style

Have inspiration from Home Alone Once a hit work, this new movie will be called: Stoned Alone (Drop alone). True to this super crazy name, maybe the movie will be a “family movie” like Deadpool 2 used to say. Stoned Alone tell the story of the boy Home Alone 20 years old version. This person is addicted and gradually becomes paranoid. One night during his “high,” he imagined his house being broken into. Unfortunately, the thieves did actually break into his house.


But it seems that many fans of Home Alone This detail will be very familiar. In fact, the male lead Macaulay Culkin plays an 8-year-old boy Kevin who, as an adult, has begun to have an unstoppable decline in his career. Then he fell into a drug addiction and became a star out of time. So a lot of viewers think that this is also a “cheat” in a bold style Deadpool.

“Child star” once Macaulay Culkin was rabid because of drugs

Of course, being an R-rated movie, kids won’t get a chance to see the comedy Stoned Alone. But the adults who were once children, once loved the movie Home Alone aired at Christmas more than 20 years ago must have felt very nostalgic. Besides, “Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds as producer will also play a role in this movie. It is expected to bring the audience moments of “laughing and laughing” and muddying the universe like a series about a mercenary.

Stoned Alone An official release date has yet to be determined.


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