These are simulation games that once you play, you will fall in love

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first. Planet Coaster


Is one simulation game developed by Frontiner Developments, believes that many players have a fond memory of when they were children and were taken to the park by their parents, and wished to bring the whole park home. However, in reality, we can’t do that, but come to planet Coaster, a business simulation game where you are free to build your own park.
You will play as an investor with limited capital, after careful research will decide to go from the beginning in the business and remember that every decision you make will determine your success in life. do this business or not.

2. The Sims 4


A simulation game about family life, this is the 4th installment in The Sims Series. The characters in the game are created by the player called Sims, each character has a job or can do many things at the same time, many players appreciate the level of realism of the game is increasingly improved, there It doesn’t seem like a simple game, but like you are watching a reality TV show, activities such as chatting with friends, checking in, cooking… are included to make the game come to life. more than ever.

3. Cities: Skylines


Is a city building genre game developed by Colossal Order. In the game, players will take the first steps to build a city, find ways to develop and expand further. Players need to pay attention to road planning or else there will be traffic jams…

4. Sim city 5


Continuing is another city building theme game. Coming to Sim city 5, the dream of building the city of your dreams is true, every decision the player makes, has a great influence on the development of the city. For example, investment in economic development will lead to environmental pollution, affecting people’s health. If you build a green city to improve people’s lives, there is a risk of high taxes and unemployment. You can team up with your friends to deal with the above risks. The game also has major world and regional leaderboards so try to get to the top.

5. Tropico 5


It is a construction and management simulation game developed by Haemimont Games. The game takes place from the 19th century to the 21st century, each era in the game will bring different challenges and opportunities. In the game, the player plays the role of a manager, whose task is to re-plan and build the economy such as agriculture, industry, and foreign trade, and also have policies for people’s livelihood and improve people’s living standards. . The game supports up to 3 people to join, can support together or confront the way you want.

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