PUBG Mobile: What you need to know about ambulances

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With survival shooters like PUBG, surviving to become the last player is a key factor in determining winners and losers. Therefore, gamers not only need to know how to use the weapons properly, but also have to “keep” the first aid items in their backpack in case of uncertainty, which is inevitable in the game. battle.

In fact, PUBG Mobile offers gamers quite a lot of healing items, but not everyone knows the effects and characteristics of each type to use them flexibly. Today, the Fun Game will take a look at the first aid items in PUBG Mobile for you to have more personal knowledge.

Med Kit


This is the most effective and most difficult-to-find ambulance kit in PUBG Mobile. Medkit has the ability to restore 100% of health even if the player is nearly drained. However, its drawback lies in its usage time, on average each healing time, you will take about 10 seconds. That would be extremely dangerous if you were in the enemy’s sights. Therefore, the advice for you guys is to use only Medkit Once in a certain safe position, there are no more dangers around.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

One more item also has a quick healing effect like Medkit but easier to find than it is First Aid Kit. But it only helps you regain 75% of your maximum health and a relatively long time, averaging 7.5 seconds per heal.

This is also an item that many gamers choose to use in many cases that need first aid, except for the last round because at this time the player’s blood loss rate is too fast while the healing time is 7.5 seconds. is too long.



This is the easiest and easiest to find cure item in PUBG Mobile when you can see them anywhere on the map and store them in your backpack in large quantities (15-20 bags).

You guys can use it Bandage many times in a row, each will take an average 4 seconds to recover ten% health and will only recover maximum 75% amount of blood.

With such a limited heal should be realistic Bandage Fewer choice of gamers, but mainly used for cases of fire fighting, needing immediate healing.

In addition to the 3 quick first aid items, PUBG Mobile also offers 3 types of items to enhance the character’s fitness

Energy Drinks

Energy drink

The first support item to mention is energy drink, you can drink 10 brakes in 1 hour without any effect. Energy drinks are often used in combination with one of the healing items mentioned above and it will increase 40% strength, recovery 23% character’s blood with only 4 seconds use.

Adrenaline syringe

Adrenaline syringe

There is no doubt when Adrenaline named the best support item in PUBG Mobile with the ability to increase 100% bar booster, episode eighty six HP points as well as helping your character run faster 6.2%. Of course, usage time of Adrenaline Also the longest in the support item group with average 6 seconds at the same time it is hardest to find.



The last support item is pain reliever, in addition to healing 40 blood, it also helps your character run faster for a long time. This is indeed the slightest advantage when gamers need to run, close enemies or dodge bullets in armor battles.

In short, each first aid or aid item has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can customize them to use them in different specific cases to achieve your survival goals in the game.

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